Moving from Axis to Gmoccapy and Glade side panel problem

19 Jan 2017 02:01 #86116 by G21
Hello everybody,

I am trying to move from Axis to Gmoccapy and I have a problem with my Glade side panel. All works fine in Axis but for some reason Gmoccapy refuses to start. The problem seems to be that during start-up the 'net' definition in my postgui.hal cause an error and the UI unloads and all stops.
I get the following error:

post_gui_list.hal: 6: Pin 'gladevcp.spindle-speed' does not exist

If I comment this line out, the error simply moves to the next pin definition in the postgui.hal. This all works fine in Axis but Gmoccapy stumbles on this. Attached is the screenshot from the error and the postgui.hal file.

Could anybody have a look at this and let me know how to get my sidepanel to load correctly?

Thanks in advance,

19 Jan 2017 07:13 #86130 by rodw
I've had similar problems with the Plasma tab moving from axis too. The gmocappy ini fle display section is probably loading a separate hal file (in my case plasma.hal) so in the main hal file, the pin does not yet exist.

I still have not solved my problem, but try putting the net command in the subsidiary file. For me that let the pin to be found but the plasma tab is now broken. It was suggested to run LCNC from the command line and watch for the errors. I have not tried that yet.
19 Jan 2017 07:57 #86132 by G21
Thanks for your reply but it seems weird because I can see the GUI for a second, this means the GUI loads first and that should define all the pins right? The postgui comes after the gui and in my ini file I made sure that the main hal file is loaded first and then the postgui.hal.

Need to think about the sequence of loading all the HAL files maybe? Funny thing is that it works fine in Axis, this would mean the sequence is right isn't? Could be that Gmoccapy loads differently?

Have not tried to run from the command prompt yet, will try later maybe and see what happens there.

Lets hope that Norbert can shine a light on this for us, really want to use my new touchscreen and Gmoccapy seems perfect for this besides all the added functionality Gmoccapy has that I really want to put to use.

20 Jan 2017 08:15 #86227 by G21
I tried to run from the terminal window to see what errors I got and it is exactly the same and as far as I can see it is the only error that causes Gmoccapy to shut down.

I tried to move the pin assignments from the postgui.hal from the main HAL file to see if they would load there but no luck, same problem. I put them all the way in the beginning of the main HAL file, above the I/O configuration for the Mesa cards. Same error.
How does Gmoccapy run the HAL files and when does the GUI load?

Where do I put them to load them correctly?

Attached is the terminal output.

Let me know if there is something I am missing here, really want to get this going.

20 Jan 2017 08:51 #86229 by rodw
The display opening and closing is something I had too.

I see 2 errors being reported. I suspect the second one is as a result of the first.
**** No file present ****
ERROR, trying to initialize the user tabs or panaels, check for typos
postgui_call_list.hal:6: Pin 'gladevcp.spindle-speed' does not exist
Shutting down and cleaning up LinuxCNC...
Running HAL shutdown script

I suspect that the path is incorrect or there is a typo somewhere
21 Jan 2017 03:45 - 21 Jan 2017 04:11 #86337 by cncnoob1979
postgui_call_list.hal:6: Pin 'gladevcp.spindle-speed' does not exist

Here is your error. I have the same error with my panels as well. I'm running current master too. I think there is a problem here. I'm sure Norbert will be by soon to enlighten us.

I had to comment out all of my pins [post_gui] with my VFD panel to get it to load the gladevcp panel.
**** No file present ****

This is for a custom panel you can load with gmoccapy. It is a standard error message basicaly stating it cant find the "custom" panel, its for information only. So no real error here.

EDIT: My configuration works just fine with Axis. I do have other panels that load without complaint in Gmoccapy just nothing to deal with my VFD and custom hal pins.

pyvcp_options.hal:7: Pin 'pyvcp.spindle-speed' does not exist

That is the error that prevents linuxcnc from starting. You used a pyvcp panel with axis, but pyvcp panel do not work with gmoccapy.

Just go to your ini and comment the corresponding hal line.


Norbert Posted this in another thread. I know I had this working before so I'll need to do some research and see whats changed either in my configuration or how I loaded my panel with gmoccapy. This deals with pyvcp, not gladevcp panels. Its strange we all have the same issue.
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21 Jan 2017 04:51 #86339 by rodw
In my migration to gmocappy plasma on master, I found a number of typos in the default signal and pin names that gmocappy made in the sim config I started from. Review the glade and python files find the right signal or pin and make sure you are calling the pin by the right name.
23 Jan 2017 18:34 - 23 Jan 2017 18:36 #86498 by newbynobi
Sorry for leaving you guys so long alone, my boss forced me to work for real money B) :( :)

The reason is caused due to the load sequence.
The GUI loads and after that it tries to connect the pins according to the postgui hal file.
But at this time, the embedded tab panels are not loaded yet, so the pin do not exist.

The solution is easy:
you need to do the connections to your embedded tab in an own hal file and load the tab using the -H command line option.

Please see the following example:
EMBED_TAB_NAME = your_panel_name
EMBED_TAB_COMMAND = gladevcp -x {XID} -H panel.hal

Just see the -H panel.hal

Make your connections to the panel pins in that file and the GUI should start.
(all files need to be in your config dir)

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24 Jan 2017 15:42 #86565 by G21
Hello Norbert,

Thanks and I did just that. I found this in one of the sim samples and you are correct, this is the way to do it. I made a special HAL file just for my Gladevcp and load it in the same line as where you load the tab: EMBED_TAB_COMMAND = etc etc.

You can just copy everything you need from your custom postgui hal for the side panel into this new hal file and specify the name in the same line as Norbert says.

As we expected, the loading sequence is the problem but can be easily resolved as long as we know how. I browsed through samples for quite some time until I found this and tried it and found out it works.

Solved my problems, hope it does yours.

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