Pathpilot to non tormach machines Tutorial Part1

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PathPilot Tutorial Part 1

How to update to use Non Tormach Mesa Bitfiles.

I have shown here how to change to use the default 5i25 bit files we all use , i have shown my default , as i also use the 7i76 addon
card this uses the 5i25_7i76x2.bit file , by default PathPilot loads their own.
Pathpilot includes Mesaflash and this can be automatically triggered to reflash your card and could ruin your day !

in ~/operator is the startup script that controls the startup of
Pathpilot called Operator_login this is what checks for a 5i25 and will re-flash your
mesa 5i25 , if your not careful, so here's what to do , or at least part of it .

to enter command line mode and come out of Pathpilot
press the left Shift & Alt keys at startup of the tormach splash screen .

Also you may find useful the following login & password combinations throughout
your time using PathPilot .
as User - login: operator pw: operator
as Root- login: tormach pw: pcnc1100
also for network access to gcode folder :
Samba-network login: operator pw: pcnc

another way is to connect the drive to another pc and directly edit the files using sudo
which is how i did it .

Now to make the 5i25 default bit file to be loaded instead of tormachs version
download the 5i25 zip file from
extract the premade file 5i25_7i76x2.bit which is suitable if you also use the 7i76 as i do .
Only the bit file is required to be copyd at this time.
if you are using a personally made bit file then am-mend details to suit .

# first copy the 5i25 bit file to the correct directory dependent on your version ( version shown v1.9.2)
# this needs to be done as sudo .

if doing this on another pc and editing the drive contents then use
sudo cp ~/5i25_7i76x2.bit /media/<YOUR DRIVE>/home/operator/v1.9.2/mesa/

or if directly in your root
sudo cp ~/5i25_7i76x2.bit ~/operator/v1.9.2/mesa/

you will need to set the file permissions for the bit file
group 1002 & owner 1001
so : $ chgrp 1002 <path>/5i25_7i76x2.bit
$ chown 1001 <path>/5i25_7i76x2.bit

in fact whenever working on Pathpilot be aware of file permissions , they may not be
what you think they are !.

# Now change the default in the ini files both in the configs folder & the python code
# use sudo gedit to edit ini files the ini file loaded at start up is shown in ~/operator/config_file.txt
# the files to edit are located at ~/operator/tmc/configs/tormach_mill/
# in either the tormach_mill or tormach_lathe depending on what you chose at startup configuration

#the main one is usually tormach_1100-3.ini located in tormach_mill directory,
if your using a lathe configuration then see the tormach_lathe directory...
# other filenames to change are :

# and for Lathe :

sed should be able to be used to make this easier , someone else better than i with sed scripting may be able to
put this to some use , it would be nice to script the changes needed .
this should do a search & replace on the files listed ,
sed -i s/tormach_mill3/5i25_7i76x2/g tormach_1100-3.ini
sed -i s/tormach_mill3/5i25_7i76x2/g tormach_duality_base.ini

# i would suggest checking all the inifiles and edit approprately
# by finding this section in the ini files above :

# **** This is for info only ****
# DRIVER0=hm2_pci
# BOARD0=5i25
# BITFILE0 used by scripts

# change the bit file to :

# after changing the bit files we now need to make sure that if pathpilot resets
that all our work is not in vain ! ..

so again go to ~operator/v1.9.2/python/config_picker/
and sudo gedit the lines 67 & 225

# line67
"# BITFILE0 used by scripts\n"
"BITFILE0=mesa/tormach_mill2.bit\n" ( edit this line )

& line 225
"# BITFILE0 used by scripts\n"
"BITFILE0=mesa/tormach_lathe.bit\n" ( this line )

for example i commented the origional and added my bit file
"# BITFILE0=mesa/tormach_lathe.bit\n"

if you are using a parallel port only i would suggest you
add the hash and comment the line out.

beware if you update you will need to go to the update and re-edit this section

removing the hostmot2 driver from the ini , should allow parallel port configs

also make sure your hal and ini files are ok as any errors will give you , a restart ,
with pathpilot requesting a software update ,

any changes or updates let me know,
so we can keep this updated .
this is the first of a few tutorials that will help Linuxcnc users .
hope it helps
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"to enter command line mode and come out of Pathpilot
press the left Ctrl & Alt keys at startup tormach splash screen ."

Bash, I have V1.9.3 and the ctrl/alt isnt working to get out of PP.. any ideas?


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use left shift & left alt Keys
also beware if your not in the usa , your keyboard may not be mapped to the correct layout.

i have had this catch me out , when usng a wireless keyboard for example , or when as here in the UK hitting the £ sign gives you something totally different , this will affect the keys , however using a wired ps2 keyboard can overcome this enough for you to login
to the standard UI and be able to change this .
shows up on the header bar as USA , changing this to as in my case Gbr(uk) solved this .
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