How to stop computer restart when closing Pathpilot

20 Mar 2017 23:09 #89975 by remartinez
Need a little help!!!

After I updated Pathpilot, the computer restarts every time I close Pathpilot. I can not figure out how to stop the computer from restarting.
Do any of you guys know how to stop this from happening?

21 Mar 2017 19:53 #90026 by smgvbest
there are several ways you can do this, the one I use it comment out the shutdown command
in operator_login search for "function shutdown_controller" and comment out the $SHUTDOWN_COMMAND
function shutdown_controller {
  tty_echo "terminating log rotator and subprocesses" $LOGROTATOR_PID KILL
  # if running from a terminal exit without shutdown and start the gnome-panel
  if tty -s; then
    #tty_echo "\n\nExiting script instead of shutting down controller . . .\n"
    exit 0
  # allow override of shutdown if not in a terminal
  sleep 2

you could also do something like

finding this line in operator_login
SHUTDOWN_PROG=`which shutdown`
change it to
SHUTDOWN_PROG=`which true`

that would prevent it from finding shutdown

another if you don't want to edit operator_login would be to
sudo mv /bin/shutdown /bin/shutitdown or and name you want
sudo touch /bin/shutdown
sudo chmod 1755 /bin/shutdown

then you have to remember to do a shutitdown if you want to use the old shutdown
22 Mar 2017 23:02 - 22 Mar 2017 23:03 #90094 by remartinez

Thank you for your help. It worked perfect.

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24 Mar 2017 19:45 #90225 by Andyf97
Shift+alt on boot will drop you to Gnome instead of the PathPilot application, then you can remove pathpilot from auto starting up at bootup and use all the features of ubuntu just like any other computer. Doing this also stops the machine to re-start at exit of pathpilot.

I have a shortcut on the ubuntu desktop to start pathpilot. I can acces the internmet, print files, copy g-code from my cad computer directly to the foilder pathpailoit uses for g-code.

Makes my life a dam hell of easier.
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