Usage of Split Infinitives in Academic Writing - College Students Guide 2021  Written by annaamy

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Usage of Split Infinitives in Academic Writing - College Students Guide 2021 



Writing is not just a matter of having a strong topic and essential research. It involves much more than that and one of the essentials here is to write while following all the grammatical and other standard rules of the write my essay. One such principle that must be taken care of is infinitives which are basically the verb that comes after the word “to”. To write, to read, etc are some examples. Now splitting an infinitive by adding a word between would be regarded as a split infinitive and should not be used but the view of the people might be changing.

Remember, languages and writing styles evolve so it is a matter of keeping up with the times. The main goal is to make the sentence clear and understandable for the readers as possible. For this, it is completely up to you whether the splitting is a better option or not. It is a matter of practice but it would not hurt to get some guidance from a professional essay writing service.

The infinitive that I would be using first is “to earn”. The first sentence shows normal usage of the phrase and after that, a word has been added to see how the structure would be best essay writer.

  • He must work to earn for his family
  • He must work to alone earn for his family (Does not sound write at all)
  • He must work alone to earn for his family (Much better)
  • He must work to earn for his family, alone. (Not bad)

We see in the above example that splitting was not the best option and it became clear as soon as the sentence is read or written. essay writing service would be great right about now as there are so many things to remember about infinitives. Well, these would be helpful in your life so getting an expert writer to provide essential techniques would be the best possible way to go ahead.

See, that is what needs to be understood. The situation demanded splitting so we split that is all. Now the best thing to do is keep the eyes open and on the prowl to see if everything makes perfect sense or not. Academic writing might not be too forgiving so you must have the right idea but the best part is you could easily read out loud and check the flow of the sentence. If it seems something out of a comic book then, by all means, scrap it out but if it feels as though the sentence is worthy, then keep it within the essay.

The important thing is to be accommodating with the language and structures. Rigidity is not good but at the same time, there should be certain rules that must be followed. Going beyond that would be just plain wrong, to say the write essay for me.

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