LinuxCNC 62 topics

Version Releases and General Announcements etc.

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Re: Possible Down Time
by tommylight
16 Mar 2024 00:33

General 8040 topics

Announcements and general questions about LinuxCNC
Questions about LinuxCNC

Downloading and Installation related topics

Documents 96 topics

A place to discuss documentation of LinuxCNC

Configuring LinuxCNC 6071 topics

Discussion on configuration of LinuxCNC

StepConf Wizard 586 topics

Stepper Configuration Wizard for Parallel Port

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Re: 'Test this axis'
by JohnBr00ker
04 May 2024 00:39

PnCConf Wizard 843 topics

Point n Click Configuration tool for Mesa Cards

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Re: PNCconf 7i92H and 7i76
by tommylight
25 May 2024 14:14
A place to discuss basic configurations like probe input, homing etc.

ClassicLadder 140 topics

Discussion on ClassicLadder and Ladder Logic

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Re: Modbus error sometimes
by PCW
18 May 2024 21:09

HAL 1231 topics

Discussion on HAL (Hardware Abstract Layer}

HAL Examples 59 topics

A place to post finished examples using HAL

Advanced Configuration related topics

EtherCAT 240 topics

Configuration and discussion of EtherCAT hardware and drivers.

User Interfaces 3506 topics

Use, modification and customizations of user interfaces

AXIS 607 topics

Discussion on using the AXIS user interface

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Re: Really?
by tommylight
20 May 2024 22:52

Gmoccapy 570 topics

Plasmac 639 topics

A place to ask questions about the Plasmac interface

pyVCP 125 topics

Discussion of the python Virtual Control Panel

GladeVCP 255 topics

GladeVCP is a tool to create custom interfaces and add on's for Axis

PathPilot 326 topics

Discussion on using the PathPilot™ user interface. PathPilot™ and Tormach® are trademarks of Tormach Inc.

Use, modification and customizations of user interfaces

QtPyVCP 336 topics

QtPyVCP is a PyQt5 and Python framework for building GUI's. You can build exactly the GUI you want.

Qtvcp 360 topics

Discussion of linuxcnc's included Qt/python based custom interface framework

GCode and Part Programs 1270 topics

How to write part programs by hand, and software to generate part programs

G&M Codes 652 topics

Discussion on G and M Codes

A place to share and ask questions about G-Code subroutines and ngcgui

Re: Threading
21 May 2024 00:17

CAD CAM 376 topics

A place to discuss CAD and CAM topics

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Re: My CAD / CAM research
by lgrfbs
17 May 2024 12:38

Hardware & Machines 4957 topics

A place to discuss hardware issues or results
A place to discuss desktop computer and related hardware.

Driver Boards 2463 topics

Discussion on add on driver boards

Milling Machines 290 topics

A place for milling related questions

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Re: Shibaura retrofit
by tommylight
24 May 2024 01:55

CNC Machines 793 topics

Examples, retrofits, whatever else you can imagine

Turning 218 topics

A place for general Lathe questions.

Plasma & Laser 322 topics

Discussions on plasma and laser machine

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Re: The blacksmith's plasma table
by PCW
19 May 2024 14:57

Pick and Place 17 topics

Discussion of pick-and-place machines

Uses of LinuxCNC in Additive Manufacturing, including FFF/FDM and SLA

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Re: 3D Metal Printing
by my1987toyota
17 May 2024 19:55

Other Stuff 675 topics

A place to test posting and other OT subjects

Show Your Stuff 259 topics

A place to show off your work

Forum Questions 29 topics

Ask about using or configuring the Forum

User Exchange 195 topics

For Sale, Free, Wanted CNC related items

This section is purged from time to time.

No topics

International LinuxCNC Users 686 topics


Français 81 topics

A place to ask questions about LinuxCNC in French

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Re: pas de départ de cycle
by fgland
14 Oct 2023 18:34

Español 41 topics

A place to ask questions about LinuxCNC in Spanish

Agregar un 5to Eje.
by noqui
31 Mar 2024 14:09

Polski 3 topics

A place to ask questions about LinuxCNC in Polish

Enconder dla linuxcnc
by jarcysgru
06 Jun 2021 10:12

Deutsch 535 topics

A place to ask questions about LinuxCNC in German

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Re: PID Autotuning
by tommylight
24 May 2024 16:27

Russian 12 topics

A place to ask questions about LinuxCNC in Russian

Other Languages 14 topics

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