LinuxCNC 41 topics

Version Releases and General Announcements etc.

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Calling Aussies..
by andypugh
04 Aug 2018 23:27

General 3844 topics

Announcements and general questions about LinuxCNC
Questions about LinuxCNC

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Downloading and Installation related topics

Moderators: mozmck

Documents 53 topics

A place to discuss documentation of LinuxCNC

Moderators: mozmck

Configuring LinuxCNC 3207 topics

Discussion on configuration of LinuxCNC

StepConf Wizard 427 topics

Stepper Configuration Wizard for Parallel Port

Moderators: mozmck

PnCConf Wizard 443 topics

Point n Click Configuration tool for Mesa Cards

Moderators: cmorley, mozmck
A place to discuss basic configurations like probe input, homing etc.

Moderators: mozmck

ClassicLadder 87 topics

Discussion on ClassicLadder and Ladder Logic

Moderators: mozmck

HAL 587 topics

Discussion on HAL (Hardware Abstract Layer}

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Re: Pokeys
by andypugh
10 Dec 2018 12:18

HAL Examples 25 topics

A place to post finished examples using HAL

Moderators: mozmck
Advanced Configuration related topics

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User Interfaces 1130 topics

Use, modification and customizations of user interfaces

AXIS 398 topics

Discussion on using the AXIS user interface

Moderators: mozmck

pyVCP 91 topics

Discussion of the python Virtual Control Panel

Moderators: mozmck

PathPilot 117 topics

Discussion on using the PathPilot™ user interface. PathPilot™ and Tormach® are trademarks of Tormach Inc.

Moderators: cncbasher, mozmck
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Re: halshow with PathPilot 2
by smgvbest
02 Dec 2018 19:58

Gmoccapy 207 topics

Moderators: newbynobi, mozmck

GladeVCP 148 topics

GladeVCP is a tool to create custom interfaces and add on's for Axis

Moderators: mhaberler, mozmck
Use, modification and customizations of user interfaces

Moderators: mozmck

GCode and Part Programs 773 topics

How to write part programs by hand, and software to generate part programs

G&M Codes 429 topics

Discussion on G and M Codes

Moderators: mozmck
A place to share and ask questions about G-Code subroutines and ngcgui

Moderators: mozmck

CAD CAM 194 topics

A place to discuss CAD and CAM topics

Moderators: Skullworks, mozmck

Hardware & Machines 2201 topics

A place to discuss hardware issues or results
A place to discuss desktop computer and Operating System topics

Moderators: mozmck
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Re: Cheap system option
by Dave3891
05 Dec 2018 22:56

Driver Boards 978 topics

Discussion on add on driver boards

Moderators: PCW, jmelson, mozmck
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Re: Cannot Connect to 7i76E
by PCW
10 Dec 2018 23:38

Milling Machines 128 topics

A place for milling related questions

Moderators: piasdom, mozmck

CNC Machines 440 topics

Examples, retrofits, whatever else you can imagine

Moderators: cncbasher, mozmck

Turning 115 topics

A place for general Lathe questions.

Moderators: piasdom, mozmck

Plasma & Laser 52 topics

Discussions on plasma and laser machine

Moderators: mozmck

Other Stuff 319 topics

A place to test posting and other OT subjects

Show Your Stuff 90 topics

A place to show off your work

Moderators: mozmck
Ask about using or configuring the Kunena Forum

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Re: How to reset password?
by andypugh
16 Nov 2018 16:42

User Exchange 79 topics

For Sale, Free, Wanted CNC related items

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This section is purged from time to time.

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Re: test
by andypugh
05 Nov 2018 11:33

International LinuxCNC Users 215 topics


Français 58 topics

A place to ask questions about LinuxCNC in French

Moderators: darty367, mozmck

Español 19 topics

A place to ask questions about LinuxCNC in Spanish

Moderators: dangercraft, mozmck

Polski 4 topics

A place to ask questions about LinuxCNC in Polish

Moderators: mozmck

Deutsch 119 topics

A place to ask questions about LinuxCNC in German

Moderators: tommylight, mozmck

Russian 6 topics

A place to ask questions about LinuxCNC in Russian

Moderators: psha, mozmck
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Re: Xorg, nvidia и RTAI
by Grotius
24 Sep 2018 22:17

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Re: español
by eFalegname
24 Sep 2018 13:33
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