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Opening your essay by asking a question from the reader is a great way to provide a hook statement. Ask your reader something that can make them visualize and think about it in their minds. A question hook is an effective way to capture the reader's attention.


A hook statement is the very first sentence of the essay. The essay writer attempts to grab the attention of the readers by opening his essay with a catchy sentence. In this essay, the reader usually gets convinced in reading the rest of the essay. It is used as a metaphor for a shiny lure used to catch a fish by fishermen. That is why it is called a hook statement.

The attention of the readers can be grabbed by providing different types of hooks. A quote, a question, an anecdote, or a statistic can be used as a hook statement. It is important to remember that the hook and the topic of the essay must relate to each other.

One must possess the skills of an essay writer to open his essay with a good hook statement and grab the attention of their readers. If you are unsure about your writing abilities, many essay writing service providers across the world offer writing services to students. All you need is to ask them "can you write my essay for me?" and they will provide you with good essays having a hook statement as per your details and concerns.

For example, ask your reader “Is Google making us stupid”? Then answer the question like the use of internet search engines such as Google is making us stupid because it is reshaping and reprogramming humans' brains for the worse, causing a drop in IQ scores, and Net-based artificial intelligence could pose a threat to humanity. This is how you could write an amazing and strong thesis statement.

The use of quotes to open an essay is known as a quotation hook. After providing a quotation hook, you must explain its relevance to the topic. In addition, the quote must come from credible authorities. When you have provided the quote, clarify its meaning afterwards to make sure that the reader is not confused.

For example, “the Internet does not only give us access to everything but everything also gets access to us”. It is arguably the best thing said about the Internet. How the technology giants continuously monitor us 24/7 and the complete access to our privacies in return for the easily accessible Internet are some horrible facts.

Every student wants to be able to open his essay by writing a great hook statement. However, they may lack essay writing skills and hence fail to grab the attention of the reader by giving a poor hook statement. Nonetheless, you can hire a professional essay writer who will provide you with an essay good enough to capture the attention of your audience. The essay will also demonstrate essential essay writing skills. In addition, they will ensure you get good grades on an essay assignment.

In an informational piece of writing, a statistical hook is a great way to open the essay and seize the attention of the readers. A statement hook is similar to a quotation hook but it must contain some type of statistics, such as percentages, decimals, or and/or numbers. However, it is important to explain the meaning and relationship of the quote to the topic of the essay afterwards so the reader can better understand it.

An anecdotal hook is when a writer grabs the attention of the reader by using a short story and then relates it to the topic of the essay. The story may be short, the invention of your imagination, or a personal story. Be mindful that the story must relate to the main idea of the paper by showing the relevance it bears to the essay topic.

Every student wants their essay to have a catchy first sentence. However, I may fail to accomplish it. Some services can help in writing essays starting with a great hook statement. All you have to do is approach them and ask them to write my essay, they will get back to you in time and give you an essay that will grab the reader’s attention. You will be surprised to see the results. You will realize what it is like to have excellent writing abilities. 

The best time to write an introduction and a hook is when you have finished writing the whole essay. This is because you will be able to understand what type of hook would fit in your essay. It will also help you in clarifying the thesis.

Hook statements are used in essays and college papers. However, screenwriters, bloggers, copywriters, and fiction writers also use hook statements to grab the attention of their audience. The science-fiction TV series on Netflix "Dark" begins with a quote from Friedrich Nietzsche.

The best way to select a good hook for your essay is to keep in mind the target audience and the essay type. For example, the perfect hooks for persuasive essays are questions and quotes. On the other hand, statistics and facts would perfectly fit in argumentative essays.

Writing a great hook statement is not enough. It must relate to the topic, thesis, and main idea of your paper.

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