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We live in vulnerability and uncertainty. While high tension during Pandemic Covid-19, one thing we have done is to take a step back and very pondering where we will go in life. Now with Ramadan in the bend, there is no better time to rearrange our spiritual compass, open ourselves and consult our hearts about the key decisions we need to make.

Learn Quran Reading The possibility is that you face some difficult decisions in your life. Some you might be sorry and the others you are still struggling. Is it deciding which career path to take or between two job offers, decide on a wedding pair, or move to a new city. Some decisions have a greater impact than others and they are not always easy to make. Decision making is an expertise that needs to be developed like another

I know exactly how you feel because I have been in your previous position. You feel trapped at the crossroads and struggling to determine and move forward. Your head evaluates choices, your heart tells you what you want, and your soul tries to tell you something else but you struggle to understand it.

You might also face time when you are afraid that your choice is not in harmony with what God wants you to do. We all believe that we have a permanent way of life and make the wrong choice will lead us to the wrong path.

What you don't know or not learn is that decision making from the perspective of Islam is far beyond conventional advice. Actually it is so deep that you will save 5-10 years through trial and error.

My goal here is to teach you the core principles #3 of the Qur'an who have helped me in my life to make a better decision. I can only imagine where I will be now if I have the right guidance and support at the beginning of my trip.

Principle #1 in the mind chair is the heart

Imam Newari said: "The chair of the mind is the heart (al-`aql fi al-Qalb) and not the head."

The majority of us face the same difficulties, our minds tell us one choice to make and our hearts tell us other. We operate at this level because our minds are not in harmony with our hearts and vice versa. Think about the decision making process that you go through when deciding on a marriage partner. Your mind says that this person checks all the boxes but your heart tells you that you don't want this person. What decision do you make? Do you go with your mind or heart?

We all face this common problem in trying to reconcile our minds and hearts. But what does Al -Qur'an say about this?

"... they have a heart that they don't understand ..." (7: 179)

More than 132 times in the Qur'an God uses conscience when describing people who do or do not understand. This makes us believe that the liver is the main decision making organ in our body. However, many scholars have mentioned that in the chair of our minds is our hearts, which means that making decisions with our minds or our hearts is not a good approach. Our decision must be balanced.

Principle #2 Use intelligence in your heart

Al -Koran mentions several special groups of people. If you are one of the special groups, you deserve a special award, special mercy given by God. One group of people is what is called the Koran as "Ulul Albab" or people from intellect.

"Indeed, in the creation of heaven and earth and the change of night and day is a sign for Ulul Albab." (3: 190)

God has given us each brain, and let's use it in whatever way we want. Ulul Albab are people who not only have a brain, but are talented to know how to use it properly. Now in the previous principle we mention that it is important to use the balance of your mind and heart, but now we are talking about intelligence; So does that mean that we should use our minds more?

Wrong. People from healthy intelligence do not use their mental intelligence but their emotional intelligence. Actually the word albab is closely related to the word lubb which is one of the layers of the liver mentioned in the Qur'an. This heart area is often used by the prophets when making decisions.

How did Moses (US) decide what to do when he opposed the magicians or had to pass through the Red Sea when the troops chased him?

How did the Prophet Yusuf (US) navigate a series of complicated situations when he was in the well, in the palace and also dealing with his family?

How was the Prophet Muhammad, Saws, decided to migrate from Mecca to Madina?

When it comes to making big decisions in life, it is important to understand this principle. I used to be a thinker who was too much and constantly let my mind roam when I was faced with challenges or goals, I was never enough to look inside me enough to find what I thought about this situation. Notes; There is a big learning here. I say what my heart thinks, not feelings.

Principle #3 Follow your heart is the worst advice ever

The heart is a complex organ, not as a single entity, actually consists of many layers. All layers of this liver are mentioned in the Qur'an. One special father in the Qur'an gives us a deep understanding of one layer of heart that we should not use to make decisions.

And Mother's mother's heart was so sick that she almost gave her identity, if we did not convince her heart so that she had faith in God's promise. (28:10)

Quran with tajeed rules In this verse in the Qur'an we are told that Ms. Musa (US) is very depressed and decides whether she should give Moses' identity or not. The word in Arabic used for the heart here is Fu'ad. This is a heart's emotional reactor who is overwhelmed by the incoming feelings.