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Personal essays are primarily about the important lesson learned by any individual. Learning lesson is not dependent on any major event rather a minor and routine event can have that significant impact. So, personal essays are based on personal experience. This essay can be written on any topic, as there is no such restriction. It can either be on any tragic movement of the life or maybe from the adventurous journey or joyful events of life.


An essay writer is aware of the fact that essays of this type are always written with a first-person perspective. There is only one vantage point and that is of yourself. Personal experiences are somehow free from restrictions and writing protocols, as they can be written in either in a formal, informal, and conversational tone. There is no hard and fast rule of writing style that needs to be considered.


Although, it is easy to write but still there are some do's and don'ts that cannot be ignored or undermined. For instance, in personal experience, narrate something that is most appropriate, and whose interpretation is changed according to you. Whatever interpretation you may take in the personal essay, it should be thoughtful and rational. Rationality would be compromised when the entire focus would be on exaggerating the facts to attract the readers. This is a misconception that bragging attracts readers, instead quality and the message behind the story is the driving force. The focus should be on the event and your perspective to define it. Inclination towards one’s own biases would impact the quality. This is the reason that whenever personal essays are about religious aspects; then secondary factors influence greatly.


Those personal essay topics are attractive that come up with new ideas. Redundant themes are least required and read. Hence, redundancy of the topic might have an adverse impact on the quality of final essay. Along with these aspects, the topic should be interesting and logical. If a topic is an interesting phenomenon, and logical then the most likely outcome is that this sequence would persist in the later stages of essay as well.


Along with the prerequisites for the topic of the personal essay, honesty and truthfulness in the narration of the essay must be considered and pondered upon. All the aspects would be like a synergic effect on the quality of paper. If all these aspects are considered before writing, then you would not need to ask someone else to write my essay. Interestingly, these aspects are not difficult to remember, rather a serious effort to write can help to cater to these aspects.


To make personal essay writing further easier, some of the topics for most preferred personal essay are mentioned below:


The bravest moment in my life when the sense of accomplishment was evident


How I met my most reliable friend


How my success was something more than special for my parents?


How I overcame Acrophobia


Why I would succeed in life due to my peers.


Lifetime experience of visiting the white house.


Social circles that I try to avoid


When my friend became a source of bother for me


An event that turned the tables for me


How to write my paper on a difficult topic.


Eye to eye contact with a vicious bear


Incident when I felt myself as irrelevant in the company of intellectuals.


Words of wisdom that determined the future for me


My dismal performance in debate competition that disappointed my mentor


Irreplaceable memory of farewell gathering.


Experiencing my parents cry at the death of our family member


The moment that transformed me into a professional person.


Times when I should have made saner choices for my future


An incident when I dodged a broker for my gain


My favorite place to relax


A failure that I did not anticipate


The moment when I felt accomplished


How I balance my desire for socialization and exercising authority


What I wish to attain for the socially collective good


If I had the opportunity to replicate the skills of others into my personality


Proud moment of my life


The moment when I realized that I can stand out in my career


An incident of embarrassment that I never shared with anyone


First encounter with my mentor


If I had the authority to determine the fates of others


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A novel that left a significant impact on my memory


A history book that is equally relevant in the contemporary times


Experiencing the impact of artificial intelligence on our lives


When I desired to live a life of mental peace rather than a race of monetary gains


A speech that triggered hope


An event that is equally important and relevant for me in every thick and thin


My political stance that left my adversaries at sixes and sevens


Favorite time to spend with colleagues


If I had the opportunity to travel globally


Issues that I might have faced a hundred years ago


Incident where I realized that joint families are a cure to social ills


A movie with a strong storyline



If I could work for the betterment of the lives of orphans


How science has provided leisure to mankind


My secret talent


The most mesmerizing person that I ever met.


These are some of the topics that can be preferred in personal essays. Every paper writing service makes sure that personal essays are written in such a way that the originality of the story is not compromised. These topics can be the best choice to attain applause and appreciation.


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