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Once you are done with the student life at high school, it's time for you to master writing an email because you have to send it to your university, professor, or the companies for a job.

You can use email for multiple purposes, so you should know how to write a nice and professional one. But if you do not know then do not worry because I am here to help you out.

Let’s get into the details of email writing and know the art of writing a perfect email.

Tip#1: Write a Catchy Subject Line

What if I ask you to view an email then, what would be the first thing you read?

Of course, your eyes will first stop on the subject line, and then you will move to the main body of the email. This is why I am asking you to start with an effective and catchy subject line and make your purpose clear in it. That is why you are sending an email.

You have to keep it short and sweet but impactful because with an impactful subject, your reader can read the email or it can be directly sent to the trash.


Your success depends on the small subject line.

Tip#2: Identify yourself properly

What would you do when you contact a stranger?

You will first introduce yourself to build an acquaintance and then, you move towards the main purpose of contacting the person.

Online essay writers on email never like the cryptic message from some stranger so, after the subject line focus on introducing yourself. It will help your recipient to understand where this email is coming and it will affect the response as well. Never made this mistake because I did it once when I sent an email to my professor to ask him about “how to write my paper” without any introduction and I didn’t receive any fruitful response. So, it's better to write your name and further introduction for clarity.

It will save you from any delay in response.

Tip#3: Stay focused on the main message

Know why you are writing the email?

If you want your email to look professional then, figure out the clear purpose of writing. You can ask yourself questions like:

·         Why are you writing?

·         Are you writing to get some opportunity?

·         Or you are sending in a request for an internship?

·         Are you writing to apologize for an error?

·         Are you asking for a favor?

·         Or are you writing about your job’s issues?

These are the common questions for sending an email so, you can think of any possible questions. Plus, you need to figure out which point should be included and what should be excluded.

Tip#4: Make it concise and to the Point

Even though companies, organizations, and professors are keen to know details about their students or applicants, do not forget that they are also busy people. They do not have to look at your detailed emails and find out the important points. Like a good professional essay writer keeps things to the point and adds only relevant details, you also need to add only relevant details in the email.  They have a lot of other emails to read as well so, keeping it concise can increase the chances of getting a response. 

Tip#5: Should be Easy to Read

Don’t be over efficient and play with difficult vocabulary.

Some essay writer want to make a quick impression, so they try to use difficult English by enhancing their vocabulary which is nice sometimes. But it can make things difficult for your reader because they can get lost in your words and leave your email in between the paragraphs. So, add a simple but professional language.

Plus, add spaces and indentation to format your email which makes skimming and scanning the email easy.

Tip#6: Avoid Slang Language

Professional emails are very different from the email you send to your classmates or friends.

Do not use any slang language, abbreviations, and contractions and neither use the words you have created for your friend circle. You have to make the language formal and professional which leaves a huge impact on the readers. You can also find help from an online essay writer.

Tip#7: Be Polite and Thankful

It is a constant reminder that “stay polite, friendly, and thankful”.

It is very important to send in a positive impression through your email and for this, you have to be careful with your sentence structure and words. Show that they are doing a big favor by reading your email and responding to it. This is a huge tip that can prove beneficial for your career and education journey.

Tip#8: Try to be Charismatic

Always remember that your target company receives a lot of emails on a daily basis and they do not have time to read all or respond to all.

So, what is the solution then?

You have to be careful in constructing your email and make it interesting so that it can stand out among all and your chances of getting the target opportunity can increase. It's better if you display your personality in clear words but do not be overdramatic.

Tip#9: Use of Appropriate Signature

Now once you are done with the main body of the email, you have to consider how you can close the email.

The two most appropriate closers are “Regards and thank you” with the name at the end. It's better if you do not forget to add your name as it looks unprofessional.

Tip#10: Proofread your Email

Now, here you will apply the same strategy that you use for the essays.

You will proofread your email and look for the gaps or small mistakes. Re-reading your email will help you a lot in bringing the improvements and if you face any difficulty then, you can send your email to online paper writing service websites such as ‘EssayWriterForMe’ and they can modify it for you. It’s the best thing you can do to make your email error-free.


So, now you know how to write a professional email, you can gather all the information and write a professional email to the target company or university. Best of luck.