command format problem

18 Jan 2016 04:37 #68649 by cmorley
so the buttons work. how so you check the classicladder inputs with halmeter or did you open the classicladder GUI and watch what happens there?

If you watch the classicladder GUI you should see the input and then the output show true.
then you can watch the halui pin to see if it is set true.

By watching the touch off button that does work should help you figure out what doesn't work.

Chris M
18 Jan 2016 04:39 #68650 by cmorley
Oh I do see you are loading classicladder twice once in the main HAL file once again in the custom.hal file.
And you are loading two different ladder programs.

Chris M
18 Jan 2016 23:36 #68724 by wl888
* checked the buttons with the hal meter,...... looked into classicladder gui, could not make sense of it, to me it is total gibberish.
* yep, there are 2 entries of classicladder, remmed one out in the custom.hal file and the Z touchoff stopped working, reinstated that one and remmed out the other and got a page full on error message, now deleted.
It appears that both are required for some reason.

I read some where about a method of executing a series of code using "oCODE" command, have you seen anything on this??
Is it a suitable approach?

At this point I am prepared to try anything.

19 Jan 2016 02:34 #68734 by wl888
Firstly..THANK YOU very much for your help with the classicladder. :cheer:
We seemed to have hit a brick wall, so i looked at other options and have used the O Code system for the buttons, I now have 4 working button that do a series of commands under each button.
With my limited understanding of linux coding this is a much simpler method for me as i can code in Gcode reasonably well.
I will post my results below for your perusal.
Thanks again
19 Jan 2016 02:52 #68735 by cmorley
Glad you found a solution :)

Chris M
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