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21 Apr 2017 13:56 #91786 by Jorgefv
Jorgefv created the topic: which card to buy
Hi I want to retrofit a Weeke BP 10

the controller is dead but everything else seems to be OK, I run into the mesa cards and I think that would be ideal for that machine but I'm really confused on what cards to buy
I want to get it working, it uses the intramat analog servos and has lots of pneumatic actuators, it also has an analog input vfd that seems to be working very well

I have never used this card nor made a cnc retrofit before my only experience with cnc is making small machines with steper motors and the parallel port of an old pc with mach 3

I was thinking on the
and for the IO

are this the right choice? do I need something less something more?
21 Apr 2017 14:10 #91787 by PCW
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A more common choice of Mesa cards would be a 5I25/6I25 (PCI/PCIE)
and a 7I77 + 7I74

then whatever sserial daughter cards are needed
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22 Apr 2017 16:32 #91855 by Jorgefv
Jorgefv replied the topic: which card to buy
I have been reading the forum for a while and I noticed that the 5i25 + 7i77 is the mot common solution
I wanted to use the 6i24 because that is the one that seems more flexible and I want to make my custom daughter cards in the future, I have worked with fpga designs in the past.
the thing I don't know very well is Linux and how to get a cnc working with this cards so I want to know that the cards I chosed before would work for retrofitting the Weeke BP 10
in performance an scalability an things like that maybe is better or worse I don't know but I am not afraid to get the hands dirty and learn.
the only thing is that I don't want to forget to buy something maybe some cables or adapters thing that are not that obvious, because shipping and taxes to my country is very expensive and is better to get more at once.
24 Apr 2017 15:49 #91972 by Jorgefv
Jorgefv replied the topic: which card to buy
I might go ahead and buy the cards I hope I'm not doing anything dumb.
25 Apr 2017 16:31 #92074 by andypugh
andypugh replied the topic: which card to buy
I am using the 6i24 on my lathe, and I am happy with it.
You will need 50-way ribbon cable and the matching connectors,but you should be able to get that locally.
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