Yaskawa Servopacks any good?

19 May 2017 01:17 #93375 by rodw
rodw replied the topic: Yaskawa Servopacks any good?
Sounds like a plan Tommy. Let me finish my plasma first....

I would have liked the next size lathe up with the DI4 chuck and a spindle brake but it would not fit in my tiny shed. But it has the same working area as a 3 phase one we do axle tubes etc on at work but shorter, just being single phase, it does not quite have the grunt but it still can part off ally at 1600 rpm ...... and throw coolant everywhere...
21 May 2017 01:06 #93414 by andypugh
andypugh replied the topic: Yaskawa Servopacks any good?

rodw wrote: So the drivers say they take 110 volt.

That's odd, Yaskawa are Japanese, and they use 200.
Is there possibly an input voltage selector?

If not, then I would guess that Aus building sites use 220 -> 110 transformers in abundance, try finding one of them.
(example: www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FAITHFULL-3-3-KVA-SIT...a:g:rOYAAOSw4GVYHGPZ )
21 May 2017 01:25 #93416 by rodw
rodw replied the topic: Yaskawa Servopacks any good?

My mistake, they are 100 volt. Yaskawa make either 100V or 200V servos. I thought I'd buy this power supplyt:
I know these are tiny with low torque but I thought for the money it would let me learn about servos once I finish my current build to give me the confidence to tackle a retrofit.
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