Screen shots of gui designs

19 May 2013 05:54 #34358 by andypugh

andypugh wrote:

Zahnrad Kopf wrote: What's your plan for completing it? Will you be making it available?

I intend to finish it now I have started, and then I will make it available.

Sample config here:
03 Aug 2015 01:47 - 03 Aug 2015 02:00 #61123 by krutic
A few year later I was working on an automatic production of some glass parts. I think the linuxcnc is amazing and really complex project. I wrote this GUI to understand more how the linuxcnc works from the top of the application and because I needed some extended functionality which wasn't present. It's intended for touchscreen with 800x600 resolution. I call it PAINT (parameterized interface) because it has ability to change parameters during running program.
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03 Aug 2015 01:49 - 03 Aug 2015 01:57 #61124 by krutic
Rest of the previous pictures. Is there any way to join this project?
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03 Aug 2015 03:51 #61127 by newbynobi
What language did you use?
What toolkit?
Is it open source?
Where is the sourfe code?

03 Aug 2015 04:18 #61129 by krutic
What language did you use? Python and C.
What toolkit? PyGtk.
Is it open source? Yes, it's open but no one has seen it yet.
Where is the sourfe code? On my hdd.
04 Aug 2015 12:12 #61153 by cmorley
Please open a new thread for discussion.
31 Jul 2016 04:39 #78177 by cmorley

Based on a screen pic from cnczone...

Chris M
02 Aug 2016 00:32 #78268 by cncnoel
This is my version of a "conversational" interface... The drill tab.
02 Aug 2016 14:05 #78291 by Swapper
Any chance you could share that screen ?
04 Aug 2016 00:18 #78341 by cncnoel
Here's the screen shot for the whole thing....

Working on the hole drilling UI at the moment.. with options for single holes, row grid, PCD...
experimenting with importing CSV data (from excel) into the hole routines - single button press, then select the file from the given list.

And here's the other panel, which really speeds up touching off the work piece. 5 seconds and we're ready to mill!
The automated half-x and centering routine makes life so much easier.

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