Screen shots of gui designs

04 Aug 2016 15:21 #78363 by tommylight
That looks very useful, especially since i often need to find the centre of a hole.
waiting patiently in a corner! :laugh:
04 Aug 2016 23:08 #78370 by cncnoel
Dug out the subroutines folder from my machine (Don't have access to my machine from work :( very poor!)

These subroutines are called by the glade HAL_Button in and (these are earlier files so some buttons are blank- but it all works tho)

The subroutines use my oddball TLA naming convention (TLA = three letter abbreviation)
I had better explain this for you!!
first letter of prefixes a-Angle e-External i-Internal f-Find h-Half
The rest of the prefix l-Left r-Right etc, lf-LeftFront lr-LefrRear etc,

so irr.ngc is internal right rear, ff is Find Front, fb is Find Back etc.
hix is Half Internal X,

I use a preamble and post-amble subroutine which I call from g-code, or a glade Hal_Button to make sure everything is set right and there are no hidden surprises left over from a previous job.

When probing a corner with a multiple-call subroutine, I store the X Y and Z with a Position storing subroutine posstore.

To try the panels stand-alone use the gladevcp-panel and gladevcp-panel2 files (don't forget to mark them executable first! - right click, properties, permissions, allow executing file as program) Double check the path to and are correct!

Hope you have fun with this. One day I'll even get some pictures on here!

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