01 Mar 2017 16:33 #88823 by Todd Zuercher
I would think you could make a gladevcp button to open it.
01 Mar 2017 17:30 #88825 by andypugh

tjamscad wrote: I do not know how you would open it with out being in the axis GUI.

How do you open gedit?

As the manual page I linked to says, you can open it from the command-line. Or you could create a launcher and/or menu item for it.
01 Mar 2017 18:02 #88829 by tjamscad
Is there a fixture offset version of tooledit?
02 Mar 2017 01:15 #88856 by andypugh
No, tooledit just edits the tool table, which only contains tool data.

Touchy has touch-off for fixtures, though. Look on the preferences page.
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