Multiswitch component, one button multiple outputs

20 Dec 2011 08:15 #15883 by ArcEye

Just to clarify, multiswitch is a custom component, just recently written, may or may not make it into a distribution.

To use it you need to download it from the link, compile and install it.

or2 and dozens of other components ARE part of the emc distribution, a full list of them linked to descriptions is here.

You already have the compiled module in /usr/realtime-2.6.32-122-rtai/modules/emc2/or2.ko, you just need to to load and connect it in your .hal file, in accordance with whatever you are using it for.

20 Dec 2011 09:31 #15890 by fabworx
Or2 docs I have but I didn't have the or2.lo in the right folder and couldn't find it in my folders I found it on the git source tree and compiled it thanx you guys
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