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20 Mar 2017 21:35 #89970 by tommylight
We have movement!
Yesterday wired provisionaly motors on the gantry, quick setup and a few measurements later ( it realy helps having a measuring tape on the gantry ), it does 48 meters per minute easily, it will do more but not with those BOB's as they are to damn slow, will have to remove them and wire directly to parallel port or mesa 6i25 or 7i92, have not decided yet. Z axis does 6.5 m/m so the 20 cm travel is done in under 2 seconds, gona be a quick probe for sure. Thinking about having a plasma torch on one Z and an acetylene burner on the other for thick plates.
Here is the video of it moving.....or running. :)
22 Mar 2017 22:53 #90093 by BigJohnT
Reminds me of the first video of my plasma moving down in the Beer Cave 9 years ago. Your looking good!

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23 Mar 2017 00:14 #90095 by rodw

BigJohnT wrote: Reminds me of the first video of my plasma moving

I wish (says he looking longingly at the pile of steel that still has to become a table....)
23 Mar 2017 01:31 #90098 by tommylight
Tomorrow will be geting the 80X120 profiles for the frame, have to make the frame myself and that is a lot of heavy work. Decided to make it 3.7X2.2 meters work envelope, can not go biger as it will not fit in the workshop with all the stuff already there, even with that i will have to make a place for the Yamaha's outside.
Electronics are finished and configured except the Y axis, will be using 2 parallel ports as i need more inputs for limit switches, and some outputs for LED lights, not using 6i25 nor 7i92, have to use one for a lathe and the other for a mill.
Y axis will have rack and pinon on both sides with 2 motors, way to heavy to be using belts. Bad part > i have to make the reduction for them, time consuming and limited tools, i could not find anyone that will make them properly here.
More fun, for sure.
Any idea how the frame should look like ?
Thank you.
23 Mar 2017 09:00 #90105 by rodw

Might be a bit late for this build, but after making 1 reduction gear, I thought this was pretty good value and am using 2 of them to drive the gantry. It comes with the belt even though it is not shown in the listing. Designed for NEMA 34 motors.

You would have to use his matching rack as it is non standard (certainly not the published specs anyway).

As far as the table construction goes, there are guys that know a lot more than me so maybe I'm not the best example. My frame is made from 100 x 100 x 4mm Square section. I have 12mm thick laser cut mounting plates about 1800mm x 155mm for the rack and linear rails. These will mount to a 63 x 35mm RHS welded to the lower side of the table top 100mm side rails. My plan is to weld one of the RHS mounts in position and with the table upside down, mount up the linear rails and attach a couple of pieces of angle iron to the carriages and weld a piece of steel to connect the carriages on each side of the table This will let me position the second side exactly parallel to the first side and then stitch weld the second 65 x 35mm RHS in place while sliding the carriages along.

Sorry if I sound confusing, but it only became clear in my head while driving ot work one day earlier this week!
23 Mar 2017 10:39 #90112 by rodw
Tommy, I put a better explanation and a couple of diagrams on my build thread here
Hope it helps. I'm sure you can come up with a better idea after all the tables you've built.
23 Mar 2017 10:46 #90113 by tommylight
Those are nice reductions for sure, thank you.
I have to go check for the square tubing, i was told they are good quality ones, the usual ones here are bloody useless for machines as they are all crocked and cracked and very bad quality.
I asked for an idea on how should it look, as i do not want to make just a square box, but the size and weight limit a lot of options, most probably will end up with a square.
25 Mar 2017 00:06 - 25 Mar 2017 00:07 #90229 by BigJohnT
I'd make the frame so the torch can reach all parts of the water table, in my case with 20 20 hind sight I would have extended the rails out the back about 6" so the torch could reach all inside areas. My torch is on the front side of the gantry. I did think of making it so I could slide longer pieces under the front so I can cut a 4' x 8' sheet with a 4' x 3' machine.

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