MESA 7I76 / 7i76e Model

12 Sep 2017 21:54 #98901 by robertspark
robertspark created the topic: MESA 7I76 / 7i76e Model
As per the title, link to a GradCad model of the MESA 7i76e board.

The files are available to download in many file formats, a pinout is also included.

Please note that this is provided for the purposes of laying out my control cabinet and for marking / plasma cutting or dimpling the mounting hole centres.

The model is provided as a solid part and was designed in inventor (as an assmebly, simplified and exported as a solid part) and exported to a number of file formats including DWG, DXF, STL, IGS, and IPT etc.

The pinout is provided in colour and matches my proposed application which is for stepper motors [although it may not be obcious the jumpers are set according to the location of the tags adjacent the 3 pins, i.e. tag on the left of the 3-pins, jumper the two pins to the LHS and visa-versa for the RHS tag location.

The default IP address is denoted as given within the manual.

The pinout is provided for my easy access as I like to be able to see things in colour as it allows (in my opinion) for quick checking of cabling etc.

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15 Sep 2017 02:40 #98979 by calvin.d
calvin.d replied the topic: MESA 7I76 / 7i76e Model
Thank you for making this, it just saved me a bunch of time

15 Sep 2017 04:28 #98981 by robertspark
robertspark replied the topic: MESA 7I76 / 7i76e Model
No probs, I enjoy doing them.

One thing I didn't do the I will and normally do is 1:1 A4 and letter paper drawings

I do these so you can print the models, cut out the paper models and space plan old school.... Plus you can centre punch the hole centres for marking and drilling the mounting holes.

A4 and letter seem to be the norm in paper sizes for printers world wide.

I'm happy to do others but need the critical dims of the hole centres and the non critical dims of the other bits for visualisation (Andrew with the neuron gave me his PCB overlay which made it a whole lot quicker...)
15 Sep 2017 04:36 #98982 by calvin.d
calvin.d replied the topic: MESA 7I76 / 7i76e Model
I tend to 3d print mounting hardware for stuff like this to, make to has proper isolation. I use heated threaded inserts for the mount screw. I also can put it into place and transfer punch the mounting holes for it.

you model made making this one super, easy

should be done printing an an the next hour or so :)

15 Sep 2017 08:33 #98984 by Diederik
Diederik replied the topic: MESA 7I76 / 7i76e Model
Very Cool of you! Thanks.
15 Sep 2017 08:44 #98986 by robertspark
robertspark replied the topic: MESA 7I76 / 7i76e Model
Nice idea, never thought of using something such as that, always just use standard plastic standoffs (3mm)
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