Zenbot 2424 CNC Router with a Mesa 7i92H connected to a G540 Drive

21 Dec 2018 04:10 #122673 by yeltrow
With some help from Peter at Mesa Electronics, I now have a working machine configuration. It is a Gecko G540 controlled NC router. I connected it with a Mesa Electronics 7i92H ethernet based I/O board. My attached configuration has LOTS of obsolete comments in the file. What works:
+ Charge pump
+ All motors
+ Limit Switches
+ Homing Control Box with Gecko G540 Controller in it.
+ Reasonable accel rates

NO ESTOP IN THIS CONFIG. No watchdog functionality that I know of. It is running an old dell laptop, and seems to be working fine.

What I had to buy:
Mesa Electronics 7i92H $89 Board
Mesa Electronics IDC26 to DB25M (insulation displacement 26 pin header to DB25 MALE cable). This was just to keep cabling to a minimum. $10 Cable

Already had the CNC Router

Attached is the configuration file I have modified.

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29 Dec 2018 15:50 #123093 by pl7i92
did you flash the right BIN file to the 7i92
then it shoudt be easy to setup
29 Dec 2018 16:50 #123103 by PCW
You do have a watchdog running (with a 10 ms timeout):

setp hm2_[HOSTMOT2](BOARD).0.watchdog.timeout_ns 10000000
29 Dec 2018 18:50 #123109 by yeltrow
Yes - You're right. Thank you.
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