Dynamic pivot lenght

26 Sep 2015 18:02 #63019 by RobiBobi
Hi Folks,
I play with Vismach simulation and 5axiskins
I use this file tool_change.ngc for measure a toll tip position
In may hal file I have line
setp 5axiskins.pivot-length 200

I can change the value 200 to any, and the tip position will be in different place

How to connect toughoff measure and put into pivot lenght after every change of a tool to get new tip position ?

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29 Sep 2015 16:21 - 29 Sep 2015 16:22 #63188 by andypugh
Replied by andypugh on topic Dynamic pivot lenght
Pivot length is a HAL pin, so you can change it from HAL.

One way would be to connect a G-code analogue output to the pivot-length HAL pin.
net pivot-length motion.analog-out-00 => 5axiskins.pivot-length

then in the G-code
M68 E0 Q[200 + #5409]
(Or similar)
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18 Oct 2015 01:07 - 18 Oct 2015 01:25 #63877 by RobiBobi
Replied by RobiBobi on topic Dynamic pivot lenght
Thanks Andy for the reply. I try to use it and test it.
It`s about Vismach simulation.
The problem I had, I couldn`t put W - lenght to work, and proper see the toolpath on both linux screen and TK screen, however I have find solution with Stuart 5axiskins,
I use 2 LPT ports with 2 Breakout Boards ;1st - 5 axes, 2nd - 4 axes + PWM,
The first one has a screen that show me axes movements even that on the PC screen linux cnc in letter mode does not show any movement when G0 B45 C0, G0 B45 C360, because tool tip is still X0 Y0,

So now looks that 5axiskins with TK screen - stepper motors configuration works ok, W compensations as well,
No joints errors when fast movement.

I`m very interest how fast can it works on a real machine.

I try also max5kins, and max5triv

Andy,I was searching the forum and somewhere else any info about rehome C axis (rotary table),
I mean when the rotary table makes many rounds , and after that go back to G0 C0 (taking waste time) for start new cycle, and again....
So better put some sub (custom Mcode) to rehome C axis as header before next cycle.

Can You help me, please ?
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