1984 Cincinnati Milacron VMC with 4th Axis

10 Nov 2015 18:04 - 23 Dec 2015 14:06 #65087 by LAIR82
Here is our first VMC that we have done, this is a small clip of the tool changer in action, it utilizes the Carousel Component, and a pretty hefty chunk of ladder logic to run all of this.

More to come !!!!!!!!!!!!


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25 Nov 2015 22:35 #65803 by OT-CNC
30 Nov 2015 01:05 #66074 by Jake

I have a Hurco that I am going to get on Thursday, hopefully I will be able to pull off getting the tool changer working also.
01 Dec 2015 00:26 #66142 by BigJohnT

Almost as slow as my BP Discovery 308 on tool change lol...

03 Dec 2015 12:18 #66277 by LAIR82
Thanks Guys,


The machine is now pretty much fully functional,

The tool changer/carousel works using the Carousel component, it has the Moveoff component installed and working (so now we can Jog While Paused Woo-Hoo), and now it has a "A Axis" 300mm DIA Rotary contouring table outfitted with a 3kw servo drive with encoder feedback, with a internal hydraulic disc brake that is automatically commanded based off of the velocity command for the servo, so _NO_ operator involvement on setting or releasing the brake.

As soon as I get all my tools/BS off of the machine, and we get our first test piece running, I will take some more video and post it,

More to Come,

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07 Dec 2015 18:13 #66570 by LAIR82
Here is our first test part, random program the boss made,

07 Dec 2015 21:38 #66584 by cmorley
That is awesome Rick!
I think you have earned 'expert level' integrator :)
I'm of course very happy that you are finding the Gscreen-Industrial screen useful.

Are your operators finding linuxcnc difficult to adapt to?
22 Dec 2015 19:34 #67244 by LAIR82
Here is the second job on the machine, Windmill components,

The part has mounting holes around the circumference in the large tapered section, that had to be perpendicular to the taper, so we mounted the A axis at the corresponding angle, getting ready to make some chips now.

Try to post a video when we actually start machining this.
11 Jan 2016 20:28 #68198 by LAIR82
Here is another part for that goes along with the second part we ran.

4000 RPM
189 IPM
5/8" DIA cutter
0.030 Depth of cut

12 Jan 2016 12:58 #68232 by LAIR82
And This is the finishing operation on the previous part,

Full X-Y-Z movement on each pass!!!!!

Definitely some very powerful software!!!!!

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