deckel fp4ma retrofit

15 Dec 2016 16:53 #84202 by bahrabadi
Let's not get ahead of problem at the be honest with you guys i dont see too much wire around driver box.some power lines and some wires under the drive that i think are about 0-10 v
15 Dec 2016 16:55 #84203 by ROG
Great .... can you take a good picture(s) with any labels / legends in full focus?
15 Dec 2016 17:00 #84204 by bahrabadi
These are screenshots from my phone beacuse the original photos are mor e than 1.6mb
15 Dec 2016 17:48 #84208 by ROG
The last picture is the wiring we are interested in. Don't concern yourself with the other.
It looks the same as I have on my FP2. The screened twisted pair cables are likely to be the
+/-10v but you have 4 of them. With two conductors in two and 3 conductors in the other two. The blue wires are signals of which one should be the enable.
I will try to get into the back of my cabinet and have a look at how mine is wired. I had to tee into the enable to for an enable signal for my 4th axis drive. I can also meter the others connections and see what I have when the machine is fully operation or just in standby. The bad news is I won't be able to do this until the weekend.
15 Dec 2016 18:20 #84210 by bahrabadi
thank you very much.funny thing is i am away for 10 days too ; and can not test your advice
25 Dec 2016 10:07 #84676 by bahrabadi
Hi.sorry but u didn't answer at weekend.could you help me with enable the way has anyone have any information about my controller.its name is grundig .thank you very much
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