7i80HD-25 configuration

12 Dec 2016 20:49 #83979 by PCW
That means you did not edit the hal file as suggested (globally replacing 5i23 with 7i80)
12 Dec 2016 21:06 #83981 by mikikg
Tried that already, I execute this command

sed -i -- 's/5i23/7i80/g' my_LinuxCNC_machine.hal

and again got same (similar) error:

./my_LinuxCNC_machine.hal:9: parameter or pin 'hm2_7i80.0.watchdog.timeout_ns' not found
12 Dec 2016 21:11 - 12 Dec 2016 21:14 #83985 by PCW
Replacing the "5i23"s with "7i80"s is necessary
but you also need to delete the firmware=xxxx token

If no 7i80 pins are found, I would check that the hm2_eth driver loaded

( I would also use a real editor to edit the hal file. sed is fine but rather working
in the dark if you dont know whats in the file you are editing )
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12 Dec 2016 21:43 - 12 Dec 2016 21:44 #83994 by mikikg
I found mistake, this was wrong:

loadrt hm2_eth config="num_encoders=0 num_pwmgens=0 num_stepgens=4 board_ip="

It should be:

loadrt hm2_eth config="num_encoders=0 num_pwmgens=0 num_stepgens=4" board_ip=""

Thank you all for help!
Last Edit: 12 Dec 2016 21:44 by mikikg.
13 Dec 2016 13:32 #84031 by andypugh
Is it now working? Or at least showing signs of life?

I actually suspect that you might want a firmware with at least one PWM module for the spindle.
13 Dec 2016 13:51 #84035 by mikikg
I hope It works correct as I successfully started LinuxCNC with AXIS fronted and try some simple G-CODE, I see movement on screen, will test later with oscilloscope does I get required pulses on output pins.

Those errors I have was simple syntax error in configuration file.

Currently I don't need any PWMs, probably will need basic I/O for PLC purpose. My goal is to build control hardware for industrial robotic arm and in this phase i just want to discover possibilities and get familiar with MESA cards.
14 Dec 2016 16:53 #84101 by mikikg
I got the pulses, outputs are mapped on P1 connector (instead P2) but I understand, that is the difference of 7i80 vs "pretended" 5i23 card.

Signal is quite good, have very fast rising and falling edges, in general that work correct, see captured screen from scope, I capture only one pulse from train of pulses ...

14 Feb 2017 15:55 #87955 by mikikg
Hello again,

can someone help me on configuration of this 7i80HD-25 card, I want to configure it to drive simple "RC Servo" motors, so I need 8 PWM output (about 50Hz) with duty control and without encoders. This is demo/temporary requirements for current mechanics and motors.

Is there some sample HAL file for such configuration or is it possible to configure that via pncconfig?

I already flash card with 7i80hd_25_svst8_4im2.bit firmware but can't figure out how to configure for this purpose.
14 Feb 2017 16:18 #87958 by PCW
You can us the config as it has 8 PWM generators (it will have an odd pinout)

The standard HostMot2 PWM gens will have pretty poor resolution running RC servos since these
run a 50 Hz PWM rate but the duty cycle typically only varies from 5 to 10% (1 to 2 ms)
giving a ~1/200 resolution

You would have to code the hal file by hand and likely use the "scale" component to
offset the PWM (adding the 5% )
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