My custom designed GUI

30 Nov 2013 08:17 - 30 Nov 2013 11:30 #41234 by pietvr
@ JT - Yes it is in the python file. I am uploading my project. In the bin folder is the python file craftsmancnc. In init it iterates through the screens and through each screens widgets and sets the sizes to scale.

I am sure that my Python can be tidied up a lot as I am a Delphi programmer and this was my first Python project. What a learning curve :silly:

@Norbert and emcPT here is the project - please note that to run this you will need to run the gladevcp_update in the pymodules folder and your original gladevcp files and folders will be renamed to ???-Ver1 so you can reset them after playing around with this.

Oops...look like file is to big to is a link
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30 Nov 2013 20:16 #41254 by cmorley
The mach cross over crowd should be happy with that ! nice job.

What specifically did you do to gremlin?

You can also build a similar screen idea (placing gladevcp objects on top of a painted background) with less programming.
It's a pain to place the objects as you can't see the background and if you resize it the objects, they are not scaled right, so there are limitations.

I assume with event boxes for buttons you don't get nice button movements ?

Chris M
05 Jun 2014 00:04 #47680 by BosniaCNC

What's the problem here?

27 May 2016 12:16 #75152 by aer73

I´m trying to install this CraftsmanCnc GUI and don´t know exactly how to do.
I unzip it and put in linuxcnc/configs/craftsmancnc/bin.
But after that i don´t know how continue.
Some one can help me with some steps?
Many thanks in advance.

Kindly regards.
28 May 2016 05:36 #75178 by pietvr

You need to install into linuxcnc/configs/craftsmancnc

Then make a desktop link to "linuxcnc linuxcnc/configs/craftsmancnc/craftsmancnc.ini"

Hope it helps

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28 May 2016 17:24 - 28 May 2016 17:41 #75192 by aer73
Hi Pietvr.

First at all many thanks for answer me. :)
I do what you tell me, but no luck. No start. :(
I get an error as i show you in my image.
Please can you help me?
I have many interest in use your GUI.
Many thanks in advance.

Kindly regards.

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28 May 2016 19:22 #75193 by BigJohnT
It's much better to post error messages as a txt file added to your post or use the code tags and include it in your message.

28 May 2016 19:42 #75194 by aer73
Hello BigJohnT.

Many thanks and sorry, i dont know what is better for see the problem i have.
Here i get the .txt file with the message.
I hope anyone can help me.
Many thanks in advance.

Kindly regards.

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File Name: Error.txt
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28 May 2016 21:31 #75198 by BigJohnT
My SWAG is you have a permission problem with the craftsmancnc.hal file. My second SWAG is somehow it is "owned" by root and not you.
craftsmancnc.hal:146: execv(craftsman_toolchange): Permission denied

Right click on the file and look at the permissions tab to see who the owner is.

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28 May 2016 22:41 #75203 by aer73
Hi BigJohnT.

I check that you say, iḿ the administrator and have Read/Write permissions in all.
Dont know what more to do. :(
Many thanks otherwise.

Kindly regards.
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