Pathpilot on 5i25 + 7i76 config issues -> can't get past eStop lockout

13 Mar 2017 16:15 #89529 by PCW
You do not need a resistor if you supply 12V to the input (assuming field power is 12V)

Are you using watch or halmeter? (dont use show)

Can you post your hal an ini files here?
13 Mar 2017 18:27 - 13 Mar 2017 18:48 #89539 by Dubmfg

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My sensors are PNP, part number SN-04, a fairly common limit switch.
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13 Mar 2017 19:42 #89543 by PCW
Ahh a PathPilot config

I would test hardware with a current LinuxCNC version (2.7.8)
There's no guarantee that anything other than a 5I25 with Tormach
firmware will work with PathPilot
13 Mar 2017 19:45 - 13 Mar 2017 19:53 #89545 by Dubmfg
Well the 5i25 is config'ed for the 7i76, so where is the issue in changing the signals from Tormach's daughter card calls to the 7i76? Its been done plenty from what I can see in the forum here.

Also: It seems there is not a live image around for 2.7.8, is that the case? All I can see is 2.7's .iso

Yeah, I just kind of jumped into someone elses work towards running pathpilot. Seeing as I have the axis moving all I really need is the limit switches to speak to Pathpilot and i'll be golden. Im hoping to avoid having to setup LinuxCNC, as I havent researched doing that at all, just what's needed to get this working for pathpilot. Not saying I wont do that, its just the dream is to not have to do that.
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13 Mar 2017 20:22 #89547 by tommylight
Debian wheezy has 2.7 that can be upgraded to 2.7.8 even when running from usb or cd, using synaptics.
Of course, you have to upgade on every boot as it can not save anything while running from usb.
So no installation required for testing.
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13 Mar 2017 21:06 #89550 by Dubmfg
Downloading 2.7 and the 2.7.8 .deb now. I'll install and run on a spare harddrive and we'll see how it all goes. I cant wait to get this figured out. At the very least there should be no reason that LinuxCNC in its bare form wouldnt work.
13 Mar 2017 22:56 #89560 by smgvbest
This is my personal opinion but our OP is jumping around to much between problems and solutions.
slow down, go back to the ESTOP Switch its the easiest to troubleshoot and never resolved.
Your not even at the pathpilot point yet. this appears to me to be a hardware and possibly a hal issue from what I've been reading. troubleshooting 101. one step at a time. check, measure and recheck, try next approach and repeat.
it's my job irl to do these things.

So I'd really recommend dropping the limit switches for now get back to basics, the estop sw. when we get that working. you can move on.
just my opinion.

If you'd like you can give me a call and we can step through things. just let me know
13 Mar 2017 23:24 #89562 by Dubmfg
Hey smgvbest, thanks for the offer, I've been trying that tidbit of advise, so lets focus on just getting an input to read TRUE.

Currently, I've opened up HALMETER from the pathpilot MDI window with "ADMIN HALMETER". From within that, I can see the the list of pins on the 7i76. From hm2_5i25.0.7i76.0.0.Input-00 and onwards through the list.

I believe this means the bitfile has loaded correctly.

Now, when taking 12V from Vfield/Vin and applying it via a switch into TB6 Pin1 (Input 00) I do not see any change in the status of Halmeter.

Those pins wouldnt show up if Vin didnt have power to run them, so it doesnt make sense to me that it cant see my manual input of +12v. What do you think?
14 Mar 2017 01:23 #89566 by smgvbest
From which pin on TB1 are you getting your 12V from. You should be using Pins 1-4 to both supply the 12V and to put that 12V on TB6 Pin 1 for Input-0

On my board I have TB1 Pin 1 (pin furthest from the W1 jumper) supplying 12V and Pin 3 thru a switch to TB6 Pin 2 Input-01
One thing I would like to see is the output of 'dmesg | grep 5i25' (i've attached mine) so we can see the 5i25/7i76 initialize correctly.
14 Mar 2017 08:39 #89575 by Dubmfg
Its late here so I'll just keep it short: I thought my drive had failed as the machine was bootlooping. Removed the 5i25 and lo and behold, it would boot. This lead me to believe it was a power supply. This is after I formatted the drive and installed a stable LinuxCNC (2.7).

Replaced the power supply that caused the issue and everything is working well. In LinuxCNC I can successfully see myself switching 7i76 pin 00 (and others) on, so I think it should be fairly straightforward from here on out. Will update tomorrow.

Now I'm going to try and load pathpilot on another partition and see if I can get it to be happy dual booting

Thanks for all the help everyone!
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