Retrofit MAHO MH700c with Philips 432 control

13 Jul 2016 22:32 #77418 by akb1212
I do know of IC-haus, and also have bought some of their chips with the intention to use them on my mill with LinuxCNC.

But there are may more types than the ones you mention. And they all differ somewhat. The best way to know all the different models would be to go to their web-page to see for yourself.

They also sell demo-boards with chips mounted, and the basic hardware added so you can build your own interpolator without having to do any soldering.

I have several of them to experiment with. And intend to do so in the future. For now I have other things happening in my life, and will have to put that on hold. But I'm really keen to see others experimenting and posting their findings about this.

BTW, most of their chips either need an external EEPROM or use a built inn one to store the configuration. And for that you need a programmer. I do have one.
There are only a very few of their chips that can be used without this, and instead are using external resistor ladders to do the configuration (with a reduced number of available settings). IC-TW8 is one of them. I have a demo board with this.

Many of their interpolators is only able to communicate with BiSS (and other) interface, but that should in theory not be a problem. LinuxCNC and Mesa interfaces should be able to read them. And it's a much more efficient interface for position control.

So if anyone really want to use IC-haus interpolators it would be an idea to look in to that part of it. That would give a real benefit over quadrature encoders.

But when I looked at the polish site that were selling the encoders in question there was no analogue (1Vpp) versions available. Only TTL and RS422 with fixed pulse length (not possible to interpolate) interfaces. Could that be because they don't sell many of them? Too bad though, because that means we cant use them with interpolators.

Sorry for being off topic from the original topic of this thread... but I do hope this information is picked up and someone else looks in to it too. I think it's well worth looking in to, and an upgrade from "normal" quadrature encoders.

18 May 2017 19:13 #93365 by uli12us
The NV Chip is hardware selectable with some jumper or a mouse-piano. It can work with 11µA or 1,1V. And these chips are really cheap. Depending from the dealer its in the range from 5-10$
11 Jun 2017 16:49 #94407 by Henk
Hi. We have used the IC Haus NV poduct on Heidenhein linear scales with no issues.

Does anyone have electrical diagtams for a Maho MH 600 C? The one i recently purchased has indramat drives and a philips 432 control.

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