VFD & Motor - Belt Ratio

28 Sep 2016 10:14 - 28 Sep 2016 10:15 #81033 by ImJay
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Generally what do people run for their ratios for a vfd & motor to the spindle?

I've seen quite a bit of 1:1 & 6:1 for low torque, but finding a decent priced motor to push over 3krpm is becoming quite the issue.
I'd be looking at putting an encoder on the spindle to potentially rigid tap.

40rpm-3/4krpm is my end goal without pushing the frequency of the vfd too far (or too low). Approx 3-5hp motor, 7-10hp rated vfd.

Any one have positive results with a 'larger' setup?
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28 Sep 2016 23:48 #81064 by andypugh
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One of my lathes has a 4-pole motor (1500rpm) which I push to 120Hz (for 3600rpm motor speed) and that works fairly well.

I get the extra torque of the 4-pole at 50Hz but the extra speed when needed. Final spindle speed max is 1500 rpm.

My other lathe has a mechanical gearbox with magnetic clutches to help span the range, but that goes to 3000 rpm spindle speed.
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