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Working on converting a bridgeport knee mill. When pulling the old control off. I had noticed it had several transformers. One main and a 5 volt a 12 volt and 3 for the drives. I have also looked at a few other CNC machines. They all seem to have a few transformers. AnTek offers transformers with 3 different voltages on one transformer. So my question is. Is it better to use several transformers or one with multiple voltage output? Reason for using one or the other?

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Drives can send a lot of noise back down the supply. I would imagine that if you had the drive power and the logic power on the same core then there would be more chance of coupling the drive noise into the logic power.

Multi-output transfomers are often multi-tapped single secondaries, and in that situation the noise would be very bad.
There are also likely to be very different power and current specs for the various transformers that make multiple transformers more practical.
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There are many companies that have used a single transformer for the machines. I have a R2E4 bridgeport I am working on retrofitting now for a friend but it has one transformer. I have a large Router that has a HUGE 2' X 2' 600 volt transformer, with a boatload of different taps and I am using it no problems with mesa boards. An issue I don't like with multiple transformers is ground loops. They say the tranny will isolate but I don't believe it.

There's pros and cons both ways. Choose your weapon and use it wisely....

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