Hurco Bed Mill with Dynapath Delta 40, retrofit to LinuxCNC

13 Nov 2017 16:45 #101731 by reddtekk
Hello all,

This marks the beginning of my project. I expect my 5i25/7i77 kit to arrive today and I have been deliberating, reading, dreaming, etc. of this for some time now. My Dynapath system is giving me headaches - and I mean not to discredit Dynapath as they are a GREAT control and well supported - but a replacement control with them is a bit spendy for my humble budget. I have already replaced the PC power supply, which helped, and I've been keeping a 60w light bulb in the cabinet to keep it warm and dry, which helps as well, but every once in a while I have to warm it up a bit more with a heat gun before I can get a clean boot out of it. Once up and running it's stable and works well, except for the ~30k program memory, lack of drip feeding and somewhat non-standard g-code. Instead of splitting programs up and developing a post processor for an outdated control, I've decided that this is the right way to go. My use of the machine is mainly for hobbies and small side jobs, so I can't justify the cost of a newer, more up-to-date Dynapath control. I'll learn more by not going the plug and play route anyways.

So far my hardware list is as follows:
* Bed mill, looks like an older version of the 500 Bed Mill on Dynapath's web site
- X and Y manual handwheels on the leadscrews, Z is only power driven (at this point).
- SEM servo motors with 1000 ppr encoders and line driver output
- SD drives
- CAN interface to front panel (not sure if I'll make it all work using RS422, pull more copper, or scrap it and use a touch screen)
- X, Y and Z home and overtravel switches
- lube pump
- field power supply
- contactors for spindle control (this machine has a metric Bridgeport clone variable speed belt drive head with an NMTB 30 spindle)
* PC with Linux CNC already installed
- Intel D2550MUD2 mainboard
* Full set of schematics for the machine, printed Mesa manuals, etc.
* 5i25/7i77 PnG kit
And the following items to make this kit as plug and play as possible:
* (3) DB15 female breakout boards from Amazon: (for encoder connectors)
* DB25 female breakout board from Amazon: (for op panel connector)
* IDC40 (think IDE hard drive cable) breakout board from Amazon: (to go to Dynapath IO board)

Hopefully I'll be successful, and hopefully I will help pave the road for someone else to do the same. More to come.

Please wish me luck.
13 Nov 2017 19:04 #101740 by bevins
Are those SEM motors DC servos?

What drives do you have for them?
14 Nov 2017 04:05 #101757 by reddtekk
Yes, brushed DC servos with encoder and tach-generator feedback. They are original to the machine, as are the drives. I'm pretty sure they're Servo Dynamics drives, but not positive. I'll have a look next time I am out there. On the subject of the SEM motors - I understand that the original EPC encoders are problematic - had to replace the one on Z axis because it was missing the index pulse, preventing the mahcine from homing, and it would occasionally run away as well. I was told I'm not the only one. Dynapath uses Heidenhein (sp?) to replace the originals. I found a rebadged replacement to the original with a different bore size on eBay for next to nothing and it's still on the machine with a brass bushing I made for it. Additionally, I bought 3 new ones from Automation Direct which will fit with little modification - I think I'm going to have to make reducer bushings for them as well. Nonetheless, I haven't had any issues since replacing the Z-axis encoder but wouldn't be surprised if it croaked eventually like the last one.
14 Nov 2017 19:08 #101798 by reddtekk
Just had a look at a photo of the drives. The following is silk screened on the board:

SDFPOC1525-17/CF 11/97
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