Red Cap Fanuc Motors (late 1990's early 2000's) w/ LinuxCNC and Single Phase?

13 Jun 2018 16:49 #112291 by FDP
Anybody have any tips on whether I can get new controls for the early 2000's red cap Fanuc motors or otherwise retrofit a Fanuc-based machine so I can convert them over to single phase and use LinuxCNC with a Mesa card?

I'm tempted to do a conversion, but dropping in new motors seems like it would be a deal-killer. I can afford new controls though, if I have to go that route.

Last conversion I did I just picked up new ClearPaths and it was super easy, but I am assuming that the original Fanuc motors are far superior to the CPs.
13 Jun 2018 17:51 #112303 by andypugh
Yes, it can be done.

It has even been done with the parallel port!

Pico-systems have a converter and drives.

Alternatively there is a LinuxCNC HAL component that can interpret the commutation signals and re-transmit in a different format.
20 Jun 2018 03:47 #112605 by jmelson
Pico Systems (that's me) has an encoder converter that converts the proprietary Fanuc signals to industry-compatible quadrature plus commutation signals. I'm guessing from the date these are probably the serial pulse coder version.

We also have servo amps that can handle up to 20 A peak. And, we have a PWM controller board that interfaces to LinuxCNC. See

For more info on these products.

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