Reasonably priced spindle recommendations please.

22 Aug 2019 09:04 #142821 by jools
Hi All

Looking for spindle recommendations please for a small-ish router mill that I'm making. Will be cutting Ali and Plastics in the main, maybe the odd bit of steel here and there.
Would like ATC but this isn't the be all and end all as I can upgrade in the future. Just want something accurate and reliable in the first instance. Happy at ER20 minimum collet size.
Budget would be around £400.
Chinese direct manufacturers are welcome but only if you have one yourself. Please just don't direct me to alibaba.


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22 Aug 2019 13:41 #142845 by pl7i92
you shoudt start with a simple spindle
50Euros BOSCH 500
then think on a VFD DC 0,8KW 100Euros
then next woudt be a 1,5KW VFD at 220.-
next if your Power in the house can go for 2,2KW VFD 320.-

and finaly the ATC ISO30 at 1900.-

if you plan to go for a stockt tool changer like say 1,5KW China mounted on top of a system its 650.- Extra so 1000.- totoal
but its a mess and you got a 500mm Spindle length to deal with

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