Retrofitting a Shizuoka AN-S 3 axis knee mill

02 May 2021 22:13 #207686 by Muzzer
I have a Shizuoka AN-SB, which is almost identical to an AN-S. The main difference is that it has 2 fixed spindle ratios (direct and something like 9:1 geared reduction) ie no varispeed pulley system. It came with a motor that is designed to operate over a wide speed range under VFD control. It also has a fixed head (no tilt or ram) and the X ballscrew is stationary, rather than move with the table. Apart from that it's identical.

My machine originally had a Micon controller with a step/dir "positioner" board that generated +/-10V signals for the Parker DC servo drives. The motors are 160V DC brushed SEM motors. They have a 1000PPR Heidenhain clone encoder and a tacho. Rather than butcher the machine to fit modern AC servos, I fitted the DG4S16045 drives from CNCdrive
These just connect up to the motors and work fine. Being digital, they only need the encoder - the tacho doesn't generate any info the drive can't derive from the encoder signal.

I have to admit I wimped out and fitted a Centroid Acorn system on this machine, as I realised I wasn't up to the full trial by LinuxCNC at that stage. So although I can suggest hardware to run your motors, I don't have anything like INI and HAL files, before you ask!

It was a while ago but if you'd like to see some pics of the machine and its journey to full functionality, I kept a blog which has been useful for my own reference. The process started here and has since morphed into an "anything I do in the workshop" event. And over the last year, perhaps my sanity has suffered but I make no excuses.

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