Graphic card for LinuxCNC and Solidworks

12 Sep 2017 09:46 #98871 by denhen89
Hello Guys,

i am looking for an Graphic card which gives good results in LinuxCNC (Latency), but works also good with Solidworks.

First i just wanted an PC for LinuxCNC and nothing else, but some time ago i got the old PC from my brother (without an VGA) and now also his old EIZO Monitor. So, it would be an quite good Setup for both.

This PC has an AMD Phenom X6 CPU, SSD, etc.. and Latency results are pretty good (between 6500 and 7500). I tested the PC with the VGA from my PC. Its an GTX 770, but those cards are still pretty expensive in used condition (about 120€), so is there any card you know it works fine with LinuxCNC and Solidworks ?

I took a look a the Nvidia Quadro VGAs, which are good for Solidworks, but unfortunately i read that some had problems with those cards for LinuxCNC.

Thanks in advance !
16 Sep 2017 05:22 #99022 by andypugh
I think you might just have to experiment.
26 Sep 2017 19:35 #99485 by genixia
Our robotics team has some older machines with GTX 550 and GTX 560 cards that are used with Solidworks. Those machines hit their performance limit with larger robot assemblies but I suspect that that is due to CPU and RAM limitations as much as GFX. They work fine for smaller assemblies and parts. Both your CPU and GFX are significantly better than those machines, so I think you'll be fine, especially if you're doing part design. Accurate rendering of large assemblies that exceed the GFX memory size is where Quadro and FirePro crush gaming cards.

You've got the GTX770 already, so it'll cost you nothing to try it. :)
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