Parallel port hang

16 Oct 2017 08:18 - 16 Oct 2017 08:19 #100427 by Antonio B.
Antonio B. created the topic: Parallel port hang
I' ve downloaded the linuxcnc image from and I have installed it on my Dual Core Desktop PC.
After configured it to use two parallel ports all worked fine, no specific driver installed for the additional PCI inserted, it was automated recognized.
The CNC Machine was very fast and both parallel works as expected, but suddenly, during some use tests, the second parallel port one goes in HANG, it is always busy. It send always the signals to my cnc machine and I'm forced to turn off my machine.
I have done more tests and I verified that soon I turn on the Desktop the issue occurs now, so if I remove all hardwares and if I swith on the Desktop the problem occurs now, before load the operating system, soon I click the switch on button.
The issue will disappeary after more then 5 rebboting the Desktop and remove the DC cable more times but I don't understand exattly which is the way. When the parallel become like resetted all working fine until suddenly the problem occurs again.

Can you help me to understand could be the issue here? I'm stucked and I 'm going to become crazy!
Thanks in advance.

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16 Oct 2017 15:10 #100437 by Todd Zuercher
Todd Zuercher replied the topic: Parallel port hang
Not sure what your problem might be.
How do you have your parallel ports addressed in your hal file? (what is the whole "loadrt hal_parport..." line?)
16 Oct 2017 17:34 #100442 by Antonio B.
Antonio B. replied the topic: Parallel port hang
Yes, I have generated the Hal file using StepConf Wizard and when the Desktop boot without the issue all machine functionalities (connected on both ports) are working fine. Only suddenly the issue occurs the parallel number 2 hanging and the pins from 18 to 25 seems busy ( I saw that all 18 to 25 pin are green from Linux Parallel Tester app).
Please help me
16 Oct 2017 17:53 #100443 by PCW
PCW replied the topic: Parallel port hang
Pins 18 through 25 are ground on a PC parallel port
16 Oct 2017 20:58 #100448 by Antonio B.
Antonio B. replied the topic: Parallel port hang
yes, I know that and this is the first thing that I have thougth so I have soon detached the parallel port with no luck.
Also I remove the parallel port but no changes. If reboot the Desktop without parallel connected I always see the same issue and the tester always give me the same result on the second parallel port. From the moment that I push the Desktop button on those signals are sent to the parallel (I have detached the disk for test ) so I 'm sure that is something related to the hardware but I cannot understand what is causing the issue.
If I remove the PCI and insert it again, if the issue was occurred, it remains in place.
I have checked more then one once my connectors but seems all right and the strange thing is that it's happening and disappear without any logic.
Thank you for your support guys, please help me
17 Oct 2017 15:19 #100477 by Antonio B.
Antonio B. replied the topic: Parallel port hang
I have done more other tests but no luck.
The strange thing is that when the issue occurs remains active for a lot of time, I need to reboot more onces the pc and remove more onces the connectors. Could be the processor? But my question here is: can processor mantains a process in standby and resume it at every boot? I have removed the battery from motherboard also....but the same.
I think that if is something related to the processor and memory , after reboot or swithed off removed the DC, all should be resetted. I'm missing something?
Thanks in advance
20 Oct 2017 18:53 #100590 by andypugh
andypugh replied the topic: Parallel port hang
What does your "loadrt hal_parport" line look like in the HAL file?

What model of parallel port? PCI or PCIe?

I would suggest a new parallel port card, as they are cheap.
24 Oct 2017 14:57 #100746 by Antonio B.
Antonio B. replied the topic: Parallel port hang
I'm using a PCIe, should I replace it with PCI?
Really the 1 port integrated on th motherboard is working fine, the issue is only on it (PCIe added after).
What you think about?
I will try (I need to buy a PCI one) and let you know.
24 Oct 2017 15:09 #100747 by Todd Zuercher
Todd Zuercher replied the topic: Parallel port hang
PCIe parallel port cards seem to be more problematic than PCI ones. (There are more of them out there that don't work right.) Honestly I've never tried to use a PCIe parallel port card. But a PCI card will only be an option for you if your motherboard has a free PCI slot.
02 Nov 2017 15:55 #101197 by Antonio B.
Antonio B. replied the topic: Parallel port hang
Thanks to all for your support!
I have replaced the PCIe with a PCI one and the issue is fixed!
Probably the PCIe is managed in a different way and causing the issue.
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