Help, Arduino based control panel for Linuxcnc.

28 Jun 2019 08:06 #138099 by Robban
Trying to make a control panel with Arduino based on the code for Arduino based USB Pendant for Linuxcnc
I think i having some trouble with the connection to linuxcnc.
Trying to use this code for a Emco 120 control panel but i cant get it to work, using the original serialcon file and have checked that i have the right port, also added the necessary code in the postgui.hal file
loadusr -W serialcon

net Xposition halui.axis.0.pos-relative serialcon.xposition
net Yposition halui.axis.1.pos-relative serialcon.yposition
net Zposition halui.axis.2.pos-relative serialcon.zposition
Have removed the lcd code from it and done so i can send the commands via the serialmonitor.
I have also made so i can see the x y position in the serial monitor so i know it works from linuxcnc to the Arduino
I can see the serialcon pins in the Hal configuration.
Can someone help me to see whats wrong.
In the serial monitor i try to send ..
"D" Estop on/off
"9" Machine on/off
"7" Home all
..and so on, but nothing happens.
Adding the arduino and original serialcon.comp file

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28 Jun 2019 10:20 #138106 by pl7i92
hi you better use pins in the comp to set things then using system halcmd

like here

# search your /dev for the port 
PORT = "/dev/ttyUSB0"
ser = serial.Serial(PORT, 9600)

#Now we create the HAL component and its pins
c = hal.component("pendant")

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