Raspberry Pi 4 Firmware Update

04 Dec 2019 12:35 - 04 Dec 2019 12:54 #151983 by BigJohnT
The Raspberry Pi 4 has a firmware update for the USB port that should stop overheating.


We have received an updated USB controller firmware from VLI. This firmware enables PCIe APSM and should not have the device hang issues seen with the 0137a8. It should also resolve issues seen with poor performance when single USB2.0 devices were intermittently transferring data.

Download the firmware from here:
drive.google.com/file/d/1nUFfKG ... sp=sharing

And use the same commands previously used to upgrade, but for the new version:

With the zip file on the Pi:

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$ unzip vl805_update_0137ab.zip
$ chmod a+x vl805
$ sudo ./vl805 -w vl805_fw_0137ab.bin
$ sudo reboot

The zip file includes the current shipping firmware (013701) in case you want to revert:

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$ sudo ./vl805 -w vl805_fw_013701.bin
$ sudo reboot

By the way, if you run "sudo ./vl805" with no parameters it displays the version of the currently running firmware. Note that this may differ from what's in the EEPROM if you've just reprogrammed it but not rebooted.

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