Problem on G Code to Step Motor Pulse

18 Mar 2017 10:45 #89850 by taile1995
taile1995 created the topic: Problem on G Code to Step Motor Pulse
Hello everybody! I'm new to CNC and Linux CNC.
I'm currently having an idea in building my own 2D CNC lathe/milling with my own Step Driver/Motors. This is not conventional that I use BeagleBone Black to connect the pins to my own driver. I want to build a simple machine with simplest functions as possible, which only involves moving X/Y axis. However, I want to interpret my Pulse from G-Code to match with CNC standard instead of my own thinking (usable but not conventional).
That's what i'm looking for in Linux CNC. May you suggest me some Math sources/ Linux CNC sources/ codes so that i can know what pulses to generate from my G-Code ? :D

example: G-Code "X" ( move from x1 y1 to x2 y2), then step motor need A pulse, B pulse...

Looking forward to your responses. Thank you very much ! :laugh: :laugh:
20 Mar 2017 13:16 #89941 by andypugh
andypugh replied the topic: Problem on G Code to Step Motor Pulse
Most stepper drivers use a separate channel for step and direction. The drive moves one step on each rising edge of the step pin in a direction set by the direction pin.

However, some drives use a quadrature signal, which is slightly better, as you can step twice as fast because it steps on every edge) and some have a separate step pulse channel for each direction.

LinuxCNC can generate all of these patterns, and many more (it can generate 4 channels for direct control of a unipolar driver, for example)

If you are using Machinekit on the Beaglebone then you might have a different set of step pattern options. You would need to check the Machinekit docs to find out.
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23 Mar 2017 07:00 #90102 by taile1995
taile1995 replied the topic: Problem on G Code to Step Motor Pulse
Thank you very much for your helpful response, Sir. I will take a look at it and i will feeback my progress here regularly. :laugh:
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