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27 Jul 2017 20:48 - 27 Jul 2017 20:53 #96602 by Hippy
Hippy created the topic: What's Wrong?
Ok...Here is my situation, my machine is homed to absolute 0, it is touched off to G54 0...My limits on all Axis far exceeds any movement involved in cutting this. But i get an error that says " Linear move on line -1 would exceed Axis Y's positive limit" also the exact same thing on Axis X.

There is no movement on line 1 at all, The g-code does not even start any movement until line 5 and Y/X dont move until line 7. I have been fighting with this all day and am at the end of my rope.

On startup of linuxcnc I have all kinds of M & G codes loaded, have no idea where they are loading from as my RS274NGC does not load any. Maybe the issue is here? Here are the ones i see loaded M0 M5 M9 M48 M53 G0 G8 G17 G40 G49 G54 G61 G90 G91.1 G94 G97 G99 G20...Sometimes just randomly it will throw a G21 in and really screw things up.
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27 Jul 2017 22:48 #96604 by Hippy
Hippy replied the topic: What's Wrong?
If i strip the provided g & m-code from the top of the file and make the first two lines % and G20 it runs with no errors
28 Jul 2017 05:03 #96607 by Hippy
Hippy replied the topic: What's Wrong?
Think i narrowed it down to the gcode calling for a tool change was my issue. It was 100+ in the shop today and never thought of that....my bad
28 Jul 2017 06:03 #96608 by rodw
rodw replied the topic: What's Wrong?
I think you need to move away from 0,0 and rezero with g92 x0 y0

The way I see it there is not enough room for a tool to fit if you set the part right on 0,0
28 Jul 2017 15:56 #96619 by Hippy
Hippy replied the topic: What's Wrong?
Rodw...I agree its something to do with tooling that caused this, but i just manually tool change and touch-off each change. I run separate files for each tool, so i dont really need any tool change info in my g-code or any tooling info in Linuxcnc do i ?
29 Jul 2017 22:59 #96665 by andypugh
andypugh replied the topic: What's Wrong?
Do you have "tool change at G30" or similar in the INI file? Perhaps your tool-change positions are out-of-bounds
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