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I understand how tool nose compensation G41 and G42 offsets from center line or leading edge of cutter radius geometry, mill and lathe controls and program preparatory form. Due to made manual calculations of tool nose compensation, single block, observed DRO and compared compensation distances and programming.

When lathe mode, touched-off leading edges of tool nose radius (TNR), tool radius not offset center line, zero fixture (G54 etc.) and will G41 and G42 compensate from leading edges of TNR with LinuxCNC? It does with industrial CNC lathes controls. It's due to tool geometry orientation too.

I haven't tried yet with LinuxCNC. I'd like to know before if buying some equipment and using LinuxCNC.

When mill mode, touched-off leading edges of diameter end mill, radius is offset center line, zero fixture (G54 etc.), G41 and G42 compensation from center line. That way seems many industrial CNC mills controls.

Thus each controls and or modes purpose tool compensation from same reference. Important if manually calculated tool nose compensation (TNC) without G41 or G42 and programming mill or lathe.

Could by default LinuxCNC TNC from center line of tool radius only both lathe and mill?
17 Aug 2017 12:27 #97617 by andypugh
andypugh replied the topic: Offset
In lathe-mode the programmed point is outside the tool tip. It is the red cross-mark in this diagram.
This means that with a position-2 tool (used for most turning and facing jobs) the radius compensation is not required and has no effect. It is needed when cutting tapers and curves. It works properly in LinuxCNC but because the majority of lathe operations are unaffected by it, it isn't that obvious.
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