Allowed or disallowed characters in g-code comments

04 Feb 2018 22:19 #105425 by kentavv
Hi. I'm modifying a Fusion 360 post processor to add information to the comments in the generated g-code. I need to avoid characters not allowed by LinuxCNC. What characters are allowed or disallowed?

Are / and " OK? (They work currently, I didn't want to rely on them if there's contradictory documentation.)

Disallowed: ()#

Thank you, Kent
06 Feb 2018 00:10 #105469 by cmorley
AFAIK there are no character restrictions in comments, but it is easy to get a trail-and-error answer to this question.
There are lots of 'magic' comment phrases such as (debug,#1), but I don't know of an exhaustive list of them anywhere.

Hope that helps a bit.

Chris M
12 Feb 2018 07:18 #105779 by kentavv
Hi Chris, yes, that helps. I thought perhaps there was a grammar file, but I've been reading through the files in linuxcnc-master/src/emc/rs274ngc and looks like I need to stay under 256 characters and avoid a few magic comments phrases, and avoiding commas would eliminate all those.

Thank you, Kent
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