Cutting a tapered thread with G76

09 Oct 2018 23:36 #118608 by JR1050
I am baffled with how the tapered thread command of lcnc works. I have a 16mm Id thread, the last half of the thread is in a collet that is clamped causing the thread to be deformed and tapered , smaller on the back end. I'd like to program the taper out, which on fanuc lathes was a an I value, which was the dia distance between the minors at either end of the taper.
I need to program about .003 on the dia over and inch.
My present command
G76 P.059K.075I-.01Q0 H3
How is this done?
10 Oct 2018 13:32 #118638 by andypugh
You can't (currently) do a constant-taper thread with G76.

But it sounds like you only need an exit taper?

E and L control the taper, but only the distance over which it occurs. It is always a taper from full depth of thread to zero depth of thread.

If you want a straight taper then you can use G33 and programme each pass separately.

Or there is this experimental work (and discussion)
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