Circular pocket milling routine

08 Jan 2019 02:18 #123743 by MaHa
My pocket milling routine, polarcoordinates, is a bit outdated, in the meantime. One disadvantage is centerpoint forced at X0 Y0. Another is the rising arc length by increasing diameter. Difficult to control feed, smoothness of machining. Soon some parts in 7075 aluminium, with a lot of circular machining are pending. Recently on a long flight, creating the framework for the new routine which meets my expectations. In the meantime finished and tested, it's ready to use. I made this for my personal use, just drop it here, if someone is interrested. Should be selfexplaining. It is standalone, at the moment. I think about change it to subroutine, makes it easier to process levels.
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08 Jan 2019 11:01 #123769 by MaHa
I forgot to mention, the spiral is done by point to point movement, the amount of points calculated to a distance to go of 0.05 mm. It gives a smooth movement and loading time for large diameters is reasonable. If G61 is used, you can watch Hal pin: motion.distance-to-go, to see the distance to go on any diameter above 1 inch is always 0.05 mm. With G64 P0.05, the distance to go is depending on diameter. At D 30 it's about 2mm, D 100 4mm to go, D 150 about 5mm to go and D 200 goes 6mm. The G64 P0.05 setting is recommended for machining.
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