I/O with M64 and M65

16 Nov 2010 17:23 #5353 by sambuls
I/O with M64 and M65 was created by sambuls

I'm trying to set a digital output via gcode.
In the stepconfig wizard I've set Pin 8 as 'Digital out 0'

When I restart Axis and execute M64 P0 of M65 P0 noting shows up on my voltage meter witch
is connected to ground and pin8.

What am I doing wrong?

This is my .hal file
# Generated by stepconf at Tue Nov 16 18:05:29 2010
# If you make changes to this file, they will be
# overwritten when you run stepconf again
loadrt trivkins
loadrt [EMCMOT]EMCMOT base_period_nsec=[EMCMOT]BASE_PERIOD servo_period_nsec=[EMCMOT]SERVO_PERIOD num_joints=[TRAJ]AXES
loadrt probe_parport
loadrt hal_parport cfg="0x378 out  "
setp parport.0.reset-time 5000
loadrt stepgen step_type=0,0,0
loadrt abs count=1

addf parport.0.read base-thread
addf stepgen.make-pulses base-thread
addf parport.0.write base-thread
addf parport.0.reset base-thread

addf stepgen.capture-position servo-thread
addf motion-command-handler servo-thread
addf motion-controller servo-thread
addf stepgen.update-freq servo-thread
addf abs.0 servo-thread
net spindle-cmd <= motion.spindle-speed-out
net dout-00 <= motion.digital-out-00
net dout-01 <= motion.digital-out-01
net dout-02 <= motion.digital-out-02
net dout-03 <= motion.digital-out-03

net xstep => parport.0.pin-02-out
setp parport.0.pin-02-out-reset 1
setp parport.0.pin-03-out-invert 1
net xdir => parport.0.pin-03-out
net ystep => parport.0.pin-04-out
setp parport.0.pin-04-out-reset 1
setp parport.0.pin-05-out-invert 1
net ydir => parport.0.pin-05-out
net zstep => parport.0.pin-06-out
setp parport.0.pin-06-out-reset 1
net zdir => parport.0.pin-07-out
net dout-00 => parport.0.pin-08-out
net dout-01 => parport.0.pin-09-out
net dout-02 => parport.0.pin-14-out
net dout-03 => parport.0.pin-16-out

setp stepgen.0.position-scale [AXIS_0]SCALE
setp stepgen.0.steplen 1
setp stepgen.0.stepspace 0
setp stepgen.0.dirhold 35000
setp stepgen.0.dirsetup 35000
setp stepgen.0.maxaccel [AXIS_0]STEPGEN_MAXACCEL
net xpos-cmd axis.0.motor-pos-cmd => stepgen.0.position-cmd
net xpos-fb stepgen.0.position-fb => axis.0.motor-pos-fb
net xstep <= stepgen.0.step
net xdir <= stepgen.0.dir
net xenable axis.0.amp-enable-out => stepgen.0.enable

setp stepgen.1.position-scale [AXIS_1]SCALE
setp stepgen.1.steplen 1
setp stepgen.1.stepspace 0
setp stepgen.1.dirhold 35000
setp stepgen.1.dirsetup 35000
setp stepgen.1.maxaccel [AXIS_1]STEPGEN_MAXACCEL
net ypos-cmd axis.1.motor-pos-cmd => stepgen.1.position-cmd
net ypos-fb stepgen.1.position-fb => axis.1.motor-pos-fb
net ystep <= stepgen.1.step
net ydir <= stepgen.1.dir
net yenable axis.1.amp-enable-out => stepgen.1.enable

setp stepgen.2.position-scale [AXIS_2]SCALE
setp stepgen.2.steplen 1
setp stepgen.2.stepspace 0
setp stepgen.2.dirhold 35000
setp stepgen.2.dirsetup 35000
setp stepgen.2.maxaccel [AXIS_2]STEPGEN_MAXACCEL
net zpos-cmd axis.2.motor-pos-cmd => stepgen.2.position-cmd
net zpos-fb stepgen.2.position-fb => axis.2.motor-pos-fb
net zstep <= stepgen.2.step
net zdir <= stepgen.2.dir
net zenable axis.2.amp-enable-out => stepgen.2.enable

net estop-out <= iocontrol.0.user-enable-out
net estop-out => iocontrol.0.emc-enable-in

loadusr -W hal_manualtoolchange
net tool-change iocontrol.0.tool-change => hal_manualtoolchange.change
net tool-changed iocontrol.0.tool-changed <= hal_manualtoolchange.changed
net tool-number iocontrol.0.tool-prep-number => hal_manualtoolchange.number
net tool-prepare-loopback iocontrol.0.tool-prepare => iocontrol.0.tool-prepared


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16 Nov 2010 17:36 #5354 by BigJohnT
Replied by BigJohnT on topic Re:I/O with M64 and M65
Monitor the parallel port pins with HAL Configuration Watch window to see if the code is changing the state of the pins.


Your hal file looks ok after a quick glance.


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19 Nov 2010 07:04 #5426 by sambuls
Replied by sambuls on topic Re:I/O with M64 and M65
The pins on the female connector have an other arrangement than the mail connector.
I was measuring on the wrong pins...

Thanks for your help!

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