G-Code file size limit

27 Jul 2009 02:04 #633 by Magickace

Here's today's dilemma.

What is the limitation (if any) of the size of the G-Code file that can be loaded and run?

I have a 3 Meg engraving file that causes (what seems to be) a machine hang on loading. Smaller files have all loaded and run ok (albeit a little slow).

- Should I be concerned about 'code conservation' when implementing parameters?
- Would the use of variables to replace simple numbers help here?
- Should I just...
- Increase memory?
- Split the file up into several smaller ones?
- Accept the limitation of hardware and software in this case, suck it up, find a workaround, and move on?

Has anyone hit this wall?

~ It must be said that this is simply my first post (and problem I just can't overcome).

Thanks for your help.

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27 Jul 2009 12:20 - 27 Jul 2009 12:51 #636 by BigJohnT
Replied by BigJohnT on topic Re:G-Code file size limit
Theoretically the amount of memory limits the file size.

The interpreter and task are carefully written so that the only limit on part program size is disk capacity. tkemc and axis both load the program text to display it to the user, though, so RAM becomes a limiting factor. In AXIS, because the preview plot is drawn by default, the redraw time also becomes a practical limit on program size.

Practically it is about 500k lines on P4 2.8Ghz, 1GB ram, geforce 2

And you can turn off the preview in AXIS.


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