Newbie -> point me in the right direction?

06 Oct 2009 09:08 #925 by stocky6409
Hi all - COMPLETE newbie here and just starting to play with CNC

Just bought a SABLE 2015 mill to play with and very happy with it so far.
Have created some obects in a cad package and have converted them to DXF files successfully.
I have then converted them to GCODE with Lazycam on a friends MACH3 then renamed the file and opened it in EMC2 - all good!

What i'm stuck on is how do i make EMC allow for the cutter diameter? Its cutting my object just fine (test cuts only!) but its cutting right on the line so my object ends up smaller than i want and my holes bigger then i want.
Is there a setting in EMC that I have missed - or do i need to hack my GCODE somewhere (ie cutter compensation G40,41 or 42 - see i did some research before posting!)

Having lots of fun with this and determined to use EMC and not windows/mach3!



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10 Oct 2009 11:54 - 10 Oct 2009 11:56 #941 by BigJohnT
Your on the right track. Yes, you need to use cutter comp to do what you want. Make sure you understand which side of the line you are going to end up on. One trick I use is to have the path first without cutter comp on and in rapid (G0) so the line is a different color and then run the path with cutter comp as feed moves. Then look at the preview in Axis.

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