Z touch off problems

04 Jan 2010 09:46 #1435 by damok
Z touch off problems was created by damok
Hi all,

I built my first 3 axis machine a few months back and have had great fun playing with it. I was able to set up EMC and get the thing to draw on paper without any problems. After not having used the machine for a month or two now, I'm having all sorts of trouble trying to touch off on the Z axis. I home all axis and then touch off the x and y axis, lower the z axis onto the paper face and then touch off at 0. The problem I'm having, is that the Z axis is nearly always shown to be -1.6792 below the workpiece hight, so when I run the machine, the Z axis floats 1.6792 above the workpiece.

My machine uses a Geckodrive G540 with 3 x 387 oz-in steppers.

I can't remember changing anything apart from home/limit inputs in the configuration.

Was just wondering if anyone has had this problem or might be able to point me in the right direction?


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04 Jan 2010 10:50 #1436 by damok
Replied by damok on topic Re:Z touch off problems
Problem now fixed. Simply created a new config and all is well. Not sure what the problem was, but at least now I have my machine back.


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