AXIS gui - can it have a grid as background ?

05 Mar 2010 21:27 #2203 by grey1beard
The title says it all really, but as I'm going backwards and forwards between writing gcode and the axis gui to see if what I've written looks right, it would be better/quicker if I could get some dimensional feedback when my trig functions need tweaking.
("Backwards and forwards" is literally true - the code gets written in the house in Textpad on XP, then a memory stick carries it out to the EMC system in the workshop, come rain or shine. Please don't suggest a network - I've got enough problems already, and the exercise is good for me :) )

If I could change the black background to show a grid would be great.
Alternatively, some means of showing the line lengths on screen might be even better.

I don't want to add yet another separate piece of software if I can avoid it, as I haven't yet found a backplotter that I can check my Axis code in that gives the same output as Axis itself.
Perhaps there is one that I just haven't found yet ;)


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