request to make tool no visible

22 Dec 2016 02:45 #84536 by OT-CNC

Is it possible to re-size the tool touch off window to display the tool number in effect? In my axis it's not visible.
25 Dec 2016 10:11 #84677 by andypugh
That does seem a little inelegant. I am away from my CNC machines, but I wonder if it is always like that on all screen resolutions, and if you have changed the default font sizes?

The current tool number is visible at the very bottom of the Axis window, along with the offset in effect.
02 Jan 2017 00:31 #85050 by OT-CNC
I did not change the default font size.Thanks for the heads up on the bottom axis window. I'll check to see if that's visible or clipped for some reason.
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