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15 Aug 2017 13:33 #97511 by andypugh
andypugh replied the topic: Files translation
[quote="massimodamassa" post=97390Rename it in axis.tcl[/quote]

If the strings that you edited are in the form _"This is a string" then the string _should_ be in the translation files.

For example in axis.tcl :
setup_menu_accel .menu.machine end [_ "_Zero coordinate system"]

Relates to this in the it.po file
#: share/axis/tcl/axis.tcl:200
msgid "_Zero coordinate system"
msgstr "Sistema coordinate _Zero"

However, I think that you need to recompile to get changes to the translation files to work.
15 Aug 2017 14:21 #97518 by massimodamassa
massimodamassa replied the topic: Files translation
I found another system, just type the word translated into the original string, not finding the correspondent, print the correct one.
It works with everything except the home button.

For example in axis.tcl:
Setup_menu_accel .menu.machine end [_ "_ what you want it to appear"]

I have not been able to compile, otherwise I would have tried version 2.8.0 I'm curious to see the G71 ;-) even though I'm doing everything onboard with Ecam remotely with remmina
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