Axis Spindle Override Slider

24 Aug 2017 19:37 #97972 by photomankc
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I've got my spindle controls hooked up and working for on/off and fwd/rev (got to work up the nerve to connect the PWM outputs on the MX4660 to the KBIC unit for speed) but I noticed that even though the spindle-override components in HALUI are active and work, the slider is not displayed in AXIS for adjusting that. I've got plans to use an MPG widget to control that value but would like for the slider to also be present where the other override sliders are located. What does AXIS need to see before that appears in the GUI?
30 Aug 2017 13:03 #98206 by andypugh
andypugh replied the topic: Axis Spindle Override Slider
It looks like it needs to see one of the motion.spindle-speed-out... pins

Add a line
net spindle-dummy motion.spindle-speed-out-rps-abs
to the main HAL file (or, if you are actually using that pin, use one of the other ones in line 3983)
30 Aug 2017 14:18 - 31 Aug 2017 13:47 #98212 by photomankc
photomankc replied the topic: Axis Spindle Override Slider
I ran into that solution quite by accident. The PWM did not like negative values and would not respond to CCW commanded speed. I hooked up to the ABS pin to solve that issue. I later noticed that the slider was now visible but I had made a number of changes and was not sure what did it. At first I thought it was an update to the latest version but now I see I just hooked up to the right pin.

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